Underworld 4 Moving Toward Pre-Production

Potential plotlines for a fourth installment in the Underworld franchise have been floating around since January, 2008, when the head of Lakeshore said confidently Underworld 4 “would carry on where Kate [Beckinsale] and Scott Speedman left off after 2.″ Now that Sony Screen Gems has given the project the green light, we’ll see if he was telling the truth.

Underworld 4 Eying January, 2011 Release

The word came down earlier this evening from STYD that, indeed, a possible second sequel to the original Underworld — or perhaps a sequel to the prequel, Rise of the Lycans — is under way with a targeted premiere in January, 2011. And that’s not all. It’s going to be … in 3D!

Are people still getting excited about 3D, or is it starting to seem like overkill? It probably depends on which lead actors will be returning — Beckinsale or Mitra, Speedman or Sheen — and how up-close and personal fans want to get with them via the latest technology. No director was named as being attached yet either, but you can be sure as soon as we hear more about it, you will too.

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

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  • theGoldenSimatar

    At work yesterday a coworker of mine told me he read a story somewhere that a proposed Underworld film was where the blonde vampiress and several Death Dealers survive the massacre in Evolution. They band together with other vampires to try and destroy Selene/Michael.

    That’d be an interesting story, but I still think a film covering the time between LYCANS and the first one would be better. Something like showing the evolution of the war and how Lucian first got the idea to try and make a hybrid.

  • Floydian Trip

    How about something different, like a good movie for a change.

  • AriesofPitt

    I also agree with Simatar, Rob, and Didn’t see it coming. Evolution was left at a great place. And really, every other character of importance was killed. So, I’d like to see something that picks up after “Rise of” and continues to where Underworld started. And 3-D…………..I’m tired of it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    Evolution pretty much killed off any threat or potential for a series continuation. At this point it just feels like a cash-in rather than really having a story to tell, which sucks because I’m a fan of the series.

  • Masked Slasher

    I want more Rhona! So, I guess I’m looking for a prequel to a prequel.

  • Rob

    What theGoldenSimatar said. Beckinsale and Speedman are invincible at this point and anyone who could be a threat to them have been killed off.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    Personally I felt the story for Beckinsale and Speedman was left off at a good point after EVOLUTION. I’m more interested in seeing an in-between film for the time from LYCANS to the first film. Dunno where else they could go with Beckinsale/Speedman.

    • IkeCarr

      The only thing I can think that would follow up EVOLUTION is Selene and Micheal trying to settle things among the clans. But having to deal with holdouts on both sides wanting the war to continue. But if we’re talking another prequel, I’m taking a stab that it’ll deal with Viktor talking out Selene’s family to keep William’s location a secret as was detailed in in EVOLUTION. And how Selene was adopted by Viktor, turned, and trained to be the ruthless Death Dealer we saw in the first flick. Or else the “final” battle with Lucien where he conspired with the whiney little girl, Kraven.