Fabrice du Welz Going to War

Fabrice du Welz Going to WarBack in 2004 a little Belgian movie with the strange title of Calvaire hit the festival circuit before going straight to DVD here in the States. Now, I don’t know about you, but that film was SO disturbing to me on so many levels: the Penguin Dance, the village with no women, the innkeeper Bartel and his obvious confusion when itinerant entertainer Marc Stevens shows up on his doorstep a few days before Christmas. And the pig. This film needs to be added to your must-see list!

Then, last year director Fabrice du Welz freaked everyone out with his first English-language film, which featured Westerners out of their element (and eventually their minds), a little creep-fest called Vinyan starring Rufus Sewell and Emmanuelle Béart.

Now I have just read this little news item on Bloody-Disgusting that du Welz is in pre-production on his third film, and being a huge fan of the Belgian director, I just HAD to pass this on. Says Fabrice re his newest project:

Well, I’m working on a war movie,” [Fabrice du Welz] tells B-D exclusively. “Modern war. With scary and twisted elements. We just finished the script this summer and start a pre-production this autumn. We hope to shoot in springtime,” adding a teaser about the plot. “It’s a story of a commando UK platoon who has a special mission in a small Afghan village lost in the mountains. When they go there, everything goes wrong and turns bad.

So, being halfway conversable in French, I thought I would contact Fabrice myself for any more info, but alas, even “conversing” with him in French, that was all the info he was willing to give up as the project is still in very early pre-production:

For now, I prefer not. It’s very fresh and I [sic] still finishing the script. But I will as soon I [sic] should have some new and real infos…

If Fabrice’s mysterious “war movie” is anything like Calvaire or Vinyan, buckle your seatbelts. It’s gonna be one hell of a strange ride. Stay tuned.

Elaine Lamkin

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  • Caterpillar

    It’s probably another djinn flick like RED SANDS and THE OBJECTIVE. Lots of movies coming out these days about missions in Afghanistan that deal with Middle Eastern occult lore and mythology. I hope Welz has something new and interesting to add to the ground already trodden by the above-mentioned films.