Bryan Singer and Syfy Get on the 2012 Bandwagon

Bryan Singer and Syfy Get on the 2012 BandwagonFor those of you that haven’t heard, the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. We know this because the Mayan calendar ends on that date, and who are we to dispute the timetable skills of a long extinct culture. For those of you who are unsure of what to expect three years from now, Roland Emmerich has a movie opening this November depicting the apocalypse to come. Or you can wait another year for the Syfy Channel version Bryan Singer has in the works.

The X-Men 1 & 2 and Superman Returns director previously co-produced a “Bermuda Triangle” miniseries for the then Sci-Fi Channel, according to a story in The Hollywood Reporter. Now he’s producing a currently untitled bit of “doomsday porn” (as I call it) built around the whole Mayan calendar/2012 Armageddon scenario. Michael Petroni, who was part of the creative team behind ABC’s short-lived supernatural series “Miracles”, has signed on to script the six-hour slice of alarmist terror-tainment.

Forgive me if I’m a bit skeptical of all this 2012 mumbo-jumbo, but I already lived through Y2K, and if ever there was a global holocaust that didn’t live up to the hype… The great thing about 2012 is if the Mayans were wrong and the world does not end, look how much 2012-themed disaster movies and documentaries are going to suddenly be comically dated. Just like that documentary I own called The Jupiter Menace, a 1982 work of speculation with George Kennedy warning of us an apocalyptic cosmic alignment beginning in 1983 that would lead to hundreds of millions of people being killed by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions by 1990. How’d that work out for you?

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