Larry Fessenden Takes Over The Orphanage

The Orphanage  (click for larger imageJ.A. Bayona’s original film The Orphange rattled the bones of many a viewer with its creepy atmosphere and top notch scares. You know what that means, right? Two words — AMERICAN REMAKE! Though we have to say we’re pretty stoked as to the choice of the director for this undertaking.

THR reports that actor-producer-director Larry Fessenden has signed on to helm The Orphanage, New Line’s remake of the Guillermo del Toro-produced Spanish-language horror movie.

Fessenden also has written the script with del Toro, who is producing the new film with Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson of Contrafilm. Sounds all aces thus far. Now let’s just hope Larry can resist the urge to somehow slap a Wendigo into this film.

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  • Floydian Trip

    I love Fessenden. I would rather see him do something original though. I don’t think I want to sit through this movie again.

  • nonserviam03

    More and more I’m becoming ashamed to be an American. Is our country really too stupid to read subtitles? Quarantine/REC was bad enough, but now Let the Right One In and The Orphanage? Fuck this.

  • Masked Slasher

    What a bore. Zero interest in this and I’ll definitely be passing.

  • G.D.

    People bitching about remakes of foreign films always makes me laugh.

    First, we all realize that movies are NOT created to be read, right? That’s why we graduated from silent films to what we now refer to as “talkies”, right?

    Remaking a foreign film isn’t always the same as remaking a “classic” english film.

    Remaking something like Halloween or Texas Chainsaw Massacre can be seen simply as a studio cashing in on a name. BECAUSE the name is synonymous with box office. Most of the movies that get remade are done so to benefit from the name. Most foreign films (gasp!) do not make a lot of money in the US. Most foreign films that get remade are well-regarded movies that are being remade so that the story can reach a wider audience and so that the original filmmakers can get some money out of it.

    There’s a reason that a well-regarded horror movie like The Orphanage is being remade and an Oscar-winning movie that made some money like Pan’s Labyrinth isn’t.

    I think a lot of people who bitch about foreign films being remade, and who are ashamed to be American because of it (when there are so many other reasons for you to be ashamed to be American) need to realize that those of us who ARE willing to watch movies with subtitles are in a great minority.

    So what if they’re remaking The Orphanage? Del Toro is co-writing and producing, and they got a good director. Maybe you should respect Del Toro for trying to get the story to a wider audience instead of pissing and moaning about it.

    • Sirand

      I adore Del Toro, but he should use his talents for something better. Clive Barker said it best: We’re all here for a short amount of time and great minds are better used to craft new ideas.

      Sorry, but the foreign-remake trend is as bad if not worse than redoing classics. It’s lazy, xenophobic and the epitome of Hollywood’s fear of original ideas and concepts.

      I can understand remaking a film that’s 20+ years old. In many cases, the times, technology, and tools change. But a movie that’s 6-months to a year old? There’s no integrity in that. And there’s no such noble “we’re expanding it to wider audiences” mentality behind this thinking. It’s only about profit and redoing what has worked before – only with this, there’s less people to call you on it. It’s the ultimate artistic cop-out.

      What’s worse is that – ever since Ring – studios have been buying up these amazing original titles and confining them to the shelves so they can pass off their own version first. Look at Quarantine, which I like to refer to as “Grand Theft Cinema.” They bought up the original before it was even finished, buried it in the States, and passed off a carbon copy as their own original movie. To this day, only people reading websites like these are even aware of the original film.

      And I don’t buy the argument from illiterates that people hate watching subtitles. Crouching Tiger lit the box office on fire and it was released subbed. There may be a lot of people who don’t like watching subtitled films, but virtually EVERYONE says they can’t take dubbed movies seriously…and with good reason. No, foreign films aren’t widely profitable because studios and marketing departments refuse to take risks with them.

      Like black-and-white films, anyone who refuses to watch a movie just because it has subtitles shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy that story in any form.

      • G.D.

        “I adore Del Toro, but he should use his talents for something better.”

        Really? Like the dozen or so projects, between original movies, adaptations, The Hobbit and his trilogy of novels?

        Yeah, what a loser. He’s obviously wasting valuable time.

        “It’s lazy, xenophobic”

        It’s not xenophobic to not want to read.

        How often do you turn down the sound on a TV show and just watch it with closed captioning?

        “And there’s no such noble “we’re expanding it to wider audiences” mentality behind this thinking.”

        Really? So Guillermo del Toro’s nothing more than a money-grubbing whore?

        Say bye-bye to your credibility.

        “Crouching Tiger lit the box office on fire and it was released subbed.”

        Yeah, and? So you just showed the exception that proves the rule. How many movies a year get a wide release with subtitles? And how many of THOSE make a lot of money?

        Pan’s Labyrinth was practically a cultural phenomenon and it made $37M domestically.

        Crouching Tiger? Yeah, it lit the box office on fire. And that was neaerly NINE years ago.

        “but virtually EVERYONE says they can’t take dubbed movies seriously”

        You’ve been hanging out in geek circles for FAR too long. My roommate works at Blockbuster and you probably wouldn’t BELIEVE the number of people who will rent ANY foreign flick and return the movies bitching about subtitles and the lack of dubbing. Rec, Let the Right One In, The Orphanage, Pan’s Labyrinth…all these movies, people asking if there’s a dub or if they have to read. You don’t have to “buy” that people don’t like to read, but the evidence is THERE, in box office receipts, in DVD sales, in people who deal with these customers.

  • Caterpillar

    If they absolutely have to remake it Fessenden is about the best choice for director they could have made. I’m still having a hard time getting excited for it and I would have prefered Fessenden to make a new film that is completely his own but maybe he can get some studio clout with this and use it to do something personal afterwards.

Steve Barton

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