Horror’s Recent and Future Box Office Showing

The Collector (click for larger image)The box office results for current releases The Collector (review here) and Orphan (review here) are in, and although neither is burning up the charts, both are logging respectable showings.

In its second week, per Box Office Mojo, Orphan showed a fairly typical drop-off in attendance of 41.5% (doing marginally better in that department than its same-week competition The Ugly Truth at 52.2% and G-Force at 44.8%), moving down only two slots from No. 4 to No. 6. Its two-week total sits at just over $27 million. The Collector didn’t quite crack the Top 10, but it did collect a decent approx. $3.6 million, landing it in 11th place with 1,325 theaters reporting a $2,736 average. By comparison, Orphan opened much wider in 2,750 theaters.

So horror fans are definitely out hitting the multiplexes this summer, which bodes well for A Perfect Getaway on August 7th and District 9 on August 14th, leading up to August 24th when Halloween II and The Final Destination in 3D go head-to-head. And that’s just what we have to look forward to this month.

White Out (click to see it bigger!)In September our cup runneth over with some real heavy hitters:

  • Gamer from Neveldine and Taylor, the team behind the Crank films;
  • Carriers from yet another directing duo, the Pastor brothers Àlex and David;
  • the animated post-apocalyptic nightmare known as 9;
  • one of the few remakes we’re actually looking forward to, Sorority Row;
  • another “who deserves your money most?” face-off on September 18th between Pandorum and Jennifer’s Body; and
  • lastly, we’ll find out how well Kate Beckinsale can carry a film on those shapely shoulders of hers when Dominic Sena’s Whiteout closes out the month on the 25th.
  • Based on what we’ve seen of them so far, every film mentioned seems to be a worthy contender for your hard-earned cash. And best of all? There are only two sequels and one remake — the rest are all fairly original ideas, a trend you can’t help but get behind. And Saw VI notwithstanding, even more are coming throughout the fall and winter.

    One of my favorite t-shirts in Uncle Creepy’s closet says, “Keep America Strong — Watch Horror Movies.” It looks like finally we’re being given a chance to regain some of that good, old fashioned US of A genre cred we’ve been lacking in lately.

    Debi Moore

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    Debi Moore

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    • Gus Bjork

      You can count me in for 9 and…District 9. Well, whadda know. A motif!

    • Blockbuster

      I’m going to see Gamer…it has Michael C. Hall in it…I’ll watch ANYTHING he puts out…I need to find Six Feet Under…