Henelotter Speaks of Biology!

Frank Henenlotter talks Bad Biology!With the revelation the other day that Frank Henenlotter, director of such cult classics as the Basket Case series and Frankenhooker, was ready to make his return to horror with a film called Bad Biology, a lot of people asked one of two questions: A) Who the hell is Frank Henelotter? (see the first sentence of this story for that answer) or B) Where the hell has he been for he past 10+ years?

For the answer to the second question, allow me to point you towards a site called The 123, which recently scored a sit-down chat with the man to find out just what he’s been up to since Basket Case 3 in 1992 and why, all of a sudden, he’s back making horror movies. I can tell you this: He sure as hell isn’t in it to change any problems he sees with the current industry.

“I don’t see anything, so I don’t care,” he told the site when asked about his thoughts on today’s horror offerings. “I have no opinion on it because I don’t go to the movies anymore. I don’t follow anything, I don’t see anything, I don’t follow a damn thing. So how’s that for being blind and happy?!”

Ignorance can, indeed, be bliss, especially when it comes to some of the crap in theaters these days. Click here for the full interview, which actually doesn’t cover as much of Bad Biology as I was hoping but is still an interesting read nonetheless!

Johnny Butane

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