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Exclusive: Rob Zombie Talks Halloween 2, Myers, and Unlikely HeroesToday I sat down with Rob Zombie to get to the bottom of a few things pertaining to his upcoming film “>Halloween 2. What direction has the series taken, what’s up with the characters, what’s up with Michael’s look, who is this teased “unlikely hero”, and most of all will this be his last outing in Haddonfield? Read on for the goods.

“The first one had a lot of … baggage? I guess that’s the word? Whereas this one had none,” Zombie tells Dread Central. “I could have done whatever I wanted with the first one, and I guess I did to a point, but I felt that since it was technically a remake that there are some important things that you need to take into account. If you change it too much it’s weird, if you don’t change it enough it’s weird, so you get kind of trapped in that bizarre remake zone that movies fall into. What’s great about following up your own movie is now it’s all new. The thought of past Halloweens hasn’t even entered any of our minds.”

“What was difficult with the last one was that Laurie Strode and all those characters were characters as envisioned by John Carpenter, and I … just like everyone else, that’s how they came into my brain, so that’s how everyone saw them,” Zombie continues. “So as much as you want to change them, you still sort of see them that way. But now enough time has passed that I really don’t see them that way anymore. Laurie and all these characters are now totally different and have absolutely no relation to what came before, and for that reason I think that they are about a million times more interesting.

From here we got to shooting the shit about Michael himself and the many changes the character has gone through both personally and aesthetically.

“Tyler is ten times bigger than he was in the first movie. He’s probably packed on about fifty pounds of muscle for this film. Michael Myers is funny, because that’s the character that nobody wants to see change. They always want him to be and look the same,” says Zombie. Exclusive: Rob Zombie Talks Halloween 2, Myers, and Unlikely Heroes“For me one of the main things that interests me about making Halloween is making that character change. When approaching this film I was like, well, where did Michael go? Did he disappear into the shadows like a ghost and then suddenly reappear? What I thought would be cool and kind of scary would be if he were like right out there in plain sight and no one notices him anymore because he just looks like a homeless bum. When you see pictures of him it looks odd, but within the context of the film it makes perfect sense. It’s interesting because that happens sometimes. I mean you see these homeless people, and you’re like — who are they? They could be fuckin’ serial killers for all you know. Maniacs. But you don’t pay any attention to them. Michael is just living on the fringe of society.”

“My Michael Myers is a totally different Michael Myers, so the rules of what has come before don’t really apply to what I am trying to do with him,” Zombie continues. “I love the fact that he’s big and physical and brutal. He’s like a bull in a china shop. He’s totally calm until that moment that his brain snaps and he’s just beyond vicious. He’s much more brutal this time around. Michael’s insane. I’ve always played him as if he is completely insane. He lives in a different reality than the rest of the world does. What he sees and hears and does has no basis in normalcy. In this movie I just wanted to mess a bit with the way that he perceives the world. What he sees has no reality to it.”

At this point the conversation moved to the synopsis that the Weinsteins had put out earlier in the week. Allow me to reiterate it for ya: “It’s that time of year again, and Michael Myers has returned home to sleepy Haddonfield, Illinois to take care of some unfinished family business. Unleashing a trail of terror that only horror master Rob Zombie can, Myers will stop at nothing to bring closure to the secrets of his twisted past. But the town’s got an unlikely new hero, if they can only stay alive long enough to stop the unstoppable.”

Who is the unlikely hero? Weird Al? Uncle Coffins? The Skunk Ape from Corpses? Rob’s reaction to this was pretty fucking hysterical.

“I have no idea who this unlikely hero is. I haven’t read their synopsis. I don’t even know if it’s correct. Shit. I don’t know!” Rob laughs. “Truthfully I don’t even know what they could be hinting at.”

With that it was time to wrap things up. Was this the end for Zombie’s stint in Haddonfield? He already said he wouldn’t be back after the remake. What about after the sequel?

“This is the last one for me. It’s the last one for all of us. I said that after the first one too because I was just mega-burnt out and I just didn’t want to deal with it anymore, but sequels are nice when you can get in there and expand and complete your original ideas,” Zombie continues. “When this one was over, we all kind of walked away from it feeling that we established something with the first one, and in this second one we really expanded upon it, and got to go somewhere with it kind of like we did in Devil’s Rejects. This movie is to the first Halloween what Devil’s Rejects was to House of 1000 Corpses. The same way that I thought House of 1000 corpses was more cartoony and Rejects was more real, I feel that the Halloween remake was more cartoony and this one is more gritty and real. Halloween the remake was more like me at odds with someone else’s world. Whereas this is one hundred percent my thing. The way that the characters act, dress, move, talk, walk, everything, it’s all me. This is a much darker, dirtier, nastier, and more psychotic world. After this there’s nothing more we can do. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be more, there just won’t be more involving me.”

There you have it, kids! Hope that clears a few things up for ya! Look for Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 in theatres August 28th!

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Annihilation – New Trailer and First Stills!



We’ve been talking about Alex Garland’s new film, Annihilation, for a couple of years now, and finally Paramount has released some eye candy for you to digest in the form of a brand new trailer and several stills! Dig in!

Based upon Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy, Annihilation stars Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Oscar Isaac, and Gina Rodriguez.

Look for it in theaters on February 23, 2018.

A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition where the laws of nature don’t apply.

Left to right: Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson in Annihilation from Paramount Pictures and Skydance.

Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny, Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh in Annihilation from Paramount Pictures and Skydance.

Natalie Portman plays Lena in Annihilation from Paramount Pictures and Skydance.

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Desolation Review: Campers + Lunatic = Simplicity, But Not Always a Better Product



DesolationStarring Jaimi Page, Alyshia Ochse, Toby Nichols

Directed by Sam Patton

I’m usually all in when it comes to a psycho in the woods flick, but there was just something about Sam Patton’s Desolation that seemed a bit distant for me…distance…desolation – I’m sure there’s a connection in there somewhere. Either that or I’m suffering from a minor case of sleep-deprivation. Either way, make sure you’ve got your backpack stuffed, cause we’re hitting the timber-lands for this one.

The film focuses on mother and son tandem Abby and Sam, and the tragic notion that Abby’s love and father to her son, has passed away. The absence has been a crippling one, and Abby’s idea of closure is to take her adolescent offspring to the woods where her husband used to love to run and scatter his ashes as a memorial tribute. Abby invites her best friend Jenn along as emotional support, and together all three are planning on making this trip a fitting and dedicatory experience…until the mystery man shows up. Looking like a member of the Ted Kaczynski clan (The Unabomber himself), this creepy fellow seems content to simply watch the threesome, and when he ultimately decides to close the distance, it’ll be a jaunt in the forest that this close-knit group will never forget.

So there you have it – doesn’t beg a long, descriptive, bled-out dissertation – Patton tosses all of his cards on the table in plain view for the audience to scan at their leisure. While the tension is palpable at times, it’s the equivalent of watching someone stumble towards the edge of a cliff, and NEVER tumble over…for a long time – you literally watch them do the drunken two-step near the lip for what seems like an eternity. What I’m getting at is that the movie has the bells and whistles to give white-knucklers something to get amped about, yet it never all seems to come into complete focus, or allow itself to spread out in such a way that you can feel satisfied after the credits roll. If I may harp on the performance-aspect for a few, it basically broke down this way for me: both Abby and Jenn’s characters were well-displayed, making you feel as if you really were watching long-time besties at play. Sam’s character was a bit tough to swallow, as he was the sadder-than-sad kid due to his father’s absence, but JEEZ this kid was a friggin malcontented little jerk – all I can say is “role well-played, young man.”

As we get to our leading transient, kook, outsider – whatever you want to call him: he simply shaved down into a hum-drum personality – no sizzle here, folks. Truly a disappointment for someone who was hoping for an enigmatic nutbag to terrorize our not-so-merry band of backpackers – oh well, Santa isn’t always listening, I guess. Simplicity has its place and time when displaying the picture-perfect lunatic, and before everyone gets a wild hair across their ass because of what I’m saying, all this is was the wish to have THIS PARTICULAR psycho be a bit more colorful – I can still appreciate face-biters like Hannibal Lecter and those of the restrained lunacy set. Overall, Desolation is one of those films that had all the pieces meticulously set in place, like a house of cards…until that drunk friend stumbled into the table, sending everything crumbling down. A one-timer if you can’t find anything else readily available to watch.

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Looking for a little direction way out in the woods? Look elsewhere, because this guide doesn’t have a whole lot to offer.

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New 78/52 Clip Showers Off



To celebrate the UK DVD release of the Psycho doc 78/52, we have a brand spanking new clip for you cats to go crazy over. Watch it quick; you don’t want to keep Mother waiting!

The flick, from director Alexandre O. Phillipe, features interviews with Walter Murch, Peter Bogdanovich, Guillermo del Toro, Jamie Lee Curtis, Osgood Perkins, Danny Elfman, Eli Roth, Elijah Wood, Bret Easton Ellis, Marli Renfro – body double for Janet Leigh in Psycho, Karyn Kusama, Neil Marshall, Richard Stanley, and many more.

An unprecedented look at the iconic shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, the ‘Man behind the Curtain’, and the screen murder that profoundly changed the course of world cinema, 78/52 references the number of set-ups (78) and the number of cuts (52) in the shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. One entire week out of the four weeks scheduled to shoot Psycho — a full quarter of the film’s production schedule — was dedicated to the infamous shower scene.

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