Creeps in High-Def!

While we’re still waiting for someone, somewhere to announce that Fred Dekker’s The Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps are finally making their way to DVD (and we have it on good authority that they are), the creatures over at Monsters HD have the next best thing for us…

According to Fangoria, the first all-horror channel will be debuting director Fred Dekker’s freshman film, Night of Creeps, in glorious high definition on Sunday, February 4th at 5:15pm, with repeat viewings that night at 1:15am and Monday the 5th at 3:45pm. Wow, only three chances to see one of the coolest horror/comedies ever made in high definition? Better have your Tivo ready, kiddies!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the film, and chances are you haven’t since it’s never been released on DVD and is only available on an out-of-print VHS, you’re missing out on one of the classics of the genre, fiends. Tom Atkins stars as a hardened detective trying stop a plague of alien slugs from taking over his small town. Two college students are the only ones who really know what’s going on and they join forces to destroy all those nasty fuckers, who take over their hosts by jumping into their open mouths. Sick stuff.

Be sure to check out Monsters HD’s official site to see more of what you’re missing if you don’t have this badass channel!

Johnny Butane

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