Myers to Get Chatty in Halloween 2?

In the first version of Halloween Rob Zombie had Myers speak one word, “Boo“, referring of course to Laurie Strode’s pet name as a baby. The scene didn’t work, and Zombie wisely cut it. Will the “giant” be speaking in the sequel?

Rob wrote this on his Twitter feed this morning:

Off to meet Tyler for some Michael Myers ADR. [ADR stands for additional dialogue recording.] Sleeping some day would be great.”

Please join me now in the hopes that this session is for breathing, grunts, and various groans. We can confirm that Myers had a similar talky scene in H2, which we spoke to Zombie about at the San Diego Comic-Con, but he assured us it too was cut. Still, though, Rob’s pretty unpredictable. You never know.

Halloween II hits theatres on August 28th.

Myers and Zombie Have a Message for Fans

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