Myers to Get Chatty in Halloween 2?

In the first version of Halloween Rob Zombie had Myers speak one word, “Boo“, referring of course to Laurie Strode’s pet name as a baby. The scene didn’t work, and Zombie wisely cut it. Will the “giant” be speaking in the sequel?

Rob wrote this on his Twitter feed this morning:

Off to meet Tyler for some Michael Myers ADR. [ADR stands for additional dialogue recording.] Sleeping some day would be great.”

Please join me now in the hopes that this session is for breathing, grunts, and various groans. We can confirm that Myers had a similar talky scene in H2, which we spoke to Zombie about at the San Diego Comic-Con, but he assured us it too was cut. Still, though, Rob’s pretty unpredictable. You never know.

Halloween II hits theatres on August 28th.

Myers and Zombie Have a Message for Fans

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  1. At this point, if we’re going to have a mostly maskless, car-flipping Michael Myers, then Zombie might as well go full-on crazy with it.

    Go on, Rob, give us a Michael who kills his victims while belting out a “HEYLL YEAH!

  2. If Myers talks I will officially be against this movie. Plain and simple. There is a difference between your own take on a character and turning it so it hardly even resembles.

  3. I’ve got Rob Zombie on device updates and got the same tweet sent to my cell. Moments later, I got a tweet from Shock about the news. Figured this would make big news today.

    A couple of things…

    – at a roundtable intv. on Saturday at Comic Con, a journo hesitantly asked RZ if Michael will speak and almost took back his question before giving RZ a chance to respond, but RZ did and debunked it, despite what a few set visitors got to witness. For instance, that pic of Michael giving us the finger, that is most likely not a part of the film.

    – maybe it is just grunts and heavy breathing that’s being recorded. If Michael actually speaks, I doubt RZ would spoil that momemnt via twitter. If anything, it confirms that Michael does not speak.

    – Could Tyler also play a smaller character in the film with lines? Probably not but that would be cool.

    – if Michael actually speaks in the film, and I think he won’t, I think RZ has enough sense to leave that surprise for the film and not his twitterfeed, but I could see him messing with his followers and the whole movie news circuit.

  4. Probably just going in to record more angry retard grunts. ‘Cause that’s what made the first one work so well, wasn’t it?

  5. As long as there’s not a scene where Sherri’s cat runs out the door, and Michael turns to Laurie and says, “Have you seen my mother’s pussy?”, I trust Rob not to screw around too much with this ADR nonsense…

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