Work Sucks at Netherbeast

Netherbeast, IncorporatedI’ve heard of some weird casting before, but this one knocked me for a loop…

Our resident Lovecraft worshiper, DW Bostaph, mentioned to us recently that he has an interview lined up with Steve Burns, the former saccharine-coated host of that annoying kid’s show “Blue Clues”. My first reaction was simple; why the hell would a reporter for a horror site be interviewing Steve Burns?

Netherbeast Incorporated!The answer is Netherbeast Incorporated, a new horror comedy directed by Dean Matthew Reynolds. The film, based on an award-winning short film, deals with the titular company that is run by vampires. When the head vamp contracts a deadly disease, the company is opened up to its first human employees in more than a century, and things take a turn for the wacky.

As if Burns wasn’t enough to make you interested (would he be?), the film also stars Judd Nelson, former Kid in the Hall Dave Foley, Robert Wagner, “SNL” alum Darrell Hammond and the once and future Jay, Jason Mewes. Can you say “eclectic”?

Check out the Netherbeast Incorporated official site for more info, to see the trailer, or watch the short the feature was based on. And keep your eyes here for the aforementioned interview with Burns to learn how he went from “Blue Clues” to Netherbeast!

Johnny Butane

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