SDCC 09: Supernatural Season Five Preview Description

San Diego Comic-Con 2009There are few TV series that both respect and cater to their fans like the CW’s “Supernatural” does. And at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con creator Eric Kripke once again treated those attending the show’s panel to a full five-minute sneak peek at the Season Five premiere. Unlike in previous years, it wasn’t the opening, but rather a few scenes from the middle of Act 1. Spoilers follow so only click thtough if you’re all caught up and just can’t wait for September 10th.


Words flash across the screen:




Who do we see but … the GhostFacers. They think they are introducing their new show. They get a message from Kripke, and their hopes are dashed.

Next up: THE ROAD SO FAR – a flashback montage from the very first episode all the way up to the end of Season Four set to the tune of Judas Priest’s “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”.

Then it’s: AND NOW A LITTLE TEASER (Episode 1, Scene 7)

The camera pans across the floor of a room that looks like a tornado passed through it. Everything’s wrecked and knocked around. Sam and Dean are shown slowly walking around the place, on the lookout for any sign of life — or demon. Chuck the Prophet hits Sam over the head and tells them of a vision he had in which Sam’s eyes were black. Even worse, Castiel is dead; an archangel smote him. Exploded like a water balloon, says Chuck. The reunited brothers notice something in his hair. It’s a tooth, presumably from Castiel (many groans and gasps rise from the crowd).

Chuck says, “I can feel them”, and three angels appear, including Zachariah. He tells Dean to come with them. Dean tell him, “Keep your distance, asshat!” {Laughing and cheering ensue.) Zachariah reminds Dean that he told him he couldn’t stop Sam so like it or not, it’s apocalypse now. There is a synergy among the angels and the humans in that they all want the devil dead before he finds his vessel. He says Dean can stop Lucifer but needs their help.

Zachariah notices blood dripping from Dean’s hand, and before he can piece things together, Dean reveals a symbol he previously painted on one of the walls and adds his blood to it, causing Zachariah and his two companions to disappear.


[For those who were upset about Castiel’s apparent demise, Kripke did make sure to remind the audience, especially Misha’s Minions, that all of the series regulars have been dead at one time or another.]


During the panel, which included showrunner Kripke, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, and writer/producers Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund (watch it here), we learned that those who are curious about Mark Pellegrino’s portrayal of the fallen one won’t have long to wait. He’ll appear in Episodes 1 and 3, but then we won’t see him for a while since the devil you don’t know too well is a lot scarier than the one you see week after week cracking wise with the Winchester boys. And yes, Kripke was just fucking with us by keeping Ruby around despite how many viewers couldn’t stand her since he and the writers knew all along what was in store for her and planned it out perfectly for maximum fan reaction.

The worst news had to be that no, we aren’t imagining that there’s been less and less music included in the episodes. Cutbacks have impacted the budget for that aspect of show (it’s half of what it used to be), and they’ve also had to struggle to ensure the action sequences retain the quality we’ve become accustomed to.

For other updates gleaned from Comic-Con, check out our previous “Supernatural” coverage here.

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  • The Woman In Black

    Are any of you guys following Misha on Twitter? He’s pretty hilarious.

  • Spaceshark

    Misha’s a regular, no point in promoting him if he gets killed off permanently on ep 1.

    Can’t wait to see GOD.

  • Sirand

    They better not have killed off Castiel. I’ll be pretty pissed if they do.

    • The Woman In Black

      No worries — he may be dead now, but as we regular viewers know, “dead” doesn’t mean anything on Supernatural! Misha wouldn’t have been on the panel otherwise.