Halo-8 Launches Televandalism with Pop Skull

Halo-8 Entertainment has announced that Pop Skull will be its first “day and date” DVD/digital film release, timed with the official launch of Halo-8’s VOD website Televandalism (in beta since 2008), which offers VOD-streaming subscriptions (all streaming titles for a total subscription of $.99 per month) or DVD-quality downloads ($9.99 each, with instructions for porting them to your TV) of films, comics, fitness/lifestyle videos, webisodes, and video games.

Pop Skull (review) will make its debut both on DVD and on Televandalism July 28, 2009. “Pop Skull is the kind of groundbreakingly different film that needs to be seen to be believed, so we want it seen by as many people as possible,” said Halo-8 president Matt Pizzolo. “We know how our audience wants instant access to the newest coolest media, so we’re very excited that Televandalism offers a way for us to get new films, comics, and games to our audience even faster and more reliably than Pirate Bay can.

Halo-8 Launches Televandalism with Pop Skull

Pizzolo goes into further detail on delivering movies via computer for viewing on TV in his recent post “There’s a bridge from the Internet to your TV–Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are the trolls under it” in his Hollywood-2.0 blog.

Along with Pop Skull, Televandalism’s offerings will include:

  • IN A SPIRAL STATE webisodes (leading up to the collected DVD release September 29th) written & directed by Ramzi Abed (“THE DEVIL’S MUSE”), starring Lizzy Strain (“MAGUS”), Bianca Barnett (“ALBINO FARM”)
  • GODKILLER comic book issues leading up to the “illustrated film” series debut September 28, 2009, written & directed by Matt Pizzolo (“THREAT”), illustrated by Anna Muckcracker, animated by Brian Giberson (Emmy-winning “RED BULL AIR RACE”), starring Lance Henriksen (“ALIENS”), Danielle Harris (“HALLOWEEN” franchise), Bill Moseley (“THE DEVIL’S REJECTS”), Tiffany Shepis (“NIGHT OF THE DEMONS”), Nicki Clyne (“BATTLESTAR GALACTICA”), Lydia Lunch (Richard Kern’s “HARDCORE”), Justin Pierre (singer MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK), Davey Havok (singer AFI)
  • SLUMBER PARTY SLAUGHTERHOUSE: THE GAME video-game, directed by Ramzi Abed (“THE DEVIL’S MUSE”), Joanna Angel (“RE-PENETRATOR”), Matt Pizzolo (“THREAT”), Doug Sakmann (“PUNK ROCK HOLOCAUST”), Kurly Tlapoyawa (“GIMME SKELTER”), starring Tiffany Shepis, Joanna Angel, Melissa Bacelar, Masuimi Max, Page Turner, Wendy McColm, Whisky, Alister Angel, Cali Nova, Morgan Mae, Daisy Sparks
  • THREAT urban thriller directed by Matt Pizzolo, written by Pizzolo and Katie Nisa, starring Carlos Puga, Keith Middleton, Katie Nisa, Rebekka Takamizu, David R. Fisher, Neil Rubenstein
  • Visit Televandalism for the full roster of Halo-8’s streaming and downloadable content.

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