First Look at Bettis’ Scar

Angela Bettis stars in ScarDoes it seem odd to anyone else that Angela Bettis is in a 3-D horror movie? The format is still too gimmicky for my tastes (see Night of the Living Dead 3-D … actually, don’t), but Bettis is usually pretty picky about the roles she chooses.

The movie I refer to, of course, is Scar, a Canadian-lensed slasher in which Bettis plays a girl who is the survivor of a horrible kidnapping years earlier. She returns to the town it all happened in for her high school reunion, and suddenly the rash of killings begins anew.

Fangoria got their unclean hands on the first few stills from the film, which recently wrapped up post-production and is out looking for a home. Nothing too revealing, but the one on the right is definitely my favorite; hit the Fango link to see the other two! Hopefully it stays away from overusing the 3-D format, though the fact that it’s a slasher movie gives me some pause…

Johnny Butane

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