Gilliam’s Tideland Comes Home

Tideland DVD (click to see it bigger!)It’s odd to me that a Terry Gilliam film, especially one as reportedly creepy as Tideland, would come in so very low under the radar. Perhaps because the film is more akin to the director’s Brazil era than, say, Brothers Grimms (which was shot back to back with Tideland). Or maybe the general public wasn’t ready for it.

See for yourself when Thinkfilm releases Tideland on a special 2-disc edition this February 27th. Disc one will feature an introduction and commentary by Gilliam himself, as well as some trailers. Disc two comes with a documentary about the man done by Cube director Vincenzo Natali, which will have an optional commentary by Gilliam and Natali, as well as an interview with the director and a “making of” featurette.

For those unaware, Tideland stars Jodelle (Silent Hill) Ferland as a young girl whose life is turned upside down when first her mother (Jennifer Tilly) and later he father (Jeff Bridges) die and leave her alone with nothing but her headless dolls and a creepy one-eyed neighbor to keep her company. The film is about a favorite topic of Giliam’s, that blurry line between reality and fantasy, and has been called his flat-out scariest film to date.

We’ll be announcing a contest for Tideland DVDs very soon so keep your eyeballs open for it! If you don’t want to leave it up the fates, though, feel free to click here to get Tideland through Evilshop!

Johnny Butane

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