SDCC 09: New Moon Mayhem

It’s been New Moon mania down here at the SDCC as thousands of fans congested the main hall dying to get a glimpse of not only what is to come, but also a glimpse of their favorite stars. We have the rundown of EXACTLY what you missed!

Two scenes were shown, below you’ll find descriptions of each from the floor from Debi Moore:

Scene 1

Bella on a motorcycle with Jacob showing her how to work the gears hands touching
She releases the clutch; sees a vision of Edward & freaks a little
Drives off too fast & sees Edward all around her
Can’t stop the bike and falls off
Jacob goes after her says no more bikes
Her head is bleeding
She apologizes
He says no big deal and takes off his shirt … Much screaming … And stops blood
She looks at him dreamily & says he is beautiful
He asks her how hard she hit her head haha

Scene 2

“Alice and Bella race to save Edward”

Alice and Bella are in Italy in a car, Alice driving through a crowd of people wearing red hooded robes
Sense of urgency as they weave their way among the monk-like throng
Bella jumps out of the car and races off
She’s running, running, pauses and looks back
Resumes running, pushing through the crowd
More running
Shot of a clock about to strike 12
She sees Edward at the top of a flight of stairs…much crowd ooing & ahhing
Edward seems dazed & starts removing his shirt… much more ooing & ahhing & screaming
Bella runs toward him through a fountain, yelling
He takes a step

That ain’t enough? Check out this E-Online clip that just hit YouTube!

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