SDCC 09: The Final Destination Clip Rocks Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con 2009As expected The Final Destination ripped a huge bleeding hole through the crowd in attendance in Hall H of the gargantuan event, as David R. Ellis and company showed off the opening car crash sequence and more! Wanna know what you missed? We kind of thought you would.

Here’s a quick run down of some of the horrors the audience were witness to:


Things started off with the group of kids at the car race; the crash began with huge explosions, which led to a burning car flattening people in the stands, which led to the lead being impaled on a pole before he flashes back to reality.

Then the good stuff starts as we are treated to a montage of the film’s kills. —

Car tire debris decapitates one victim, another is shoved through a fence so hard he is diced into mini pieces, a swimmer is sucked down into a drain at the bottom of a pool, a mall is completely leveled, a nail gun goes ape-shit insane spewing nails everywhere, a victim trips and falls on a piece of wood and is imapled, an escalator pulls a victim down into its gears, and lastly a rock gets flung out of a lawnmower into the eyes of a waiting victim! Bear in mind all of this carnage will be presented in 3D!

End Spoilers

It was mind blowing! The Twilight fans are still weeping and holding each other. It was also suggested that this would be the final entry into the series because they just couldn’t top it. Judging from the above described mayhem I’m likely to concur.

Uncle Creepy

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