UPDATED! Paul W.S. Anderson to Return for Resident Evil: Afterlife, Shooting in 3D!

Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla JovovichLast week we told you that the fourth film in the Resident Evil series, subtitled Afterlife, would begin shooting this September. Today we got word that a director HAS been chosen for the project and things are, in fact, running full circle.

According to Production Weekly’s Twitter page, Paul W.S. Anderson will return to the director’s chair to helm Afterlife. This is the first Resident Evil film he’s directed since the 2002 original (although you can still blame him for the debacles of parts 2 and 3 since he wrote/produced them).

No plot details are available as of yet, but Shock Till You Drop spoke to Anderson at the Comic Con and learned that the film will serve as the jumping off point for an entirely new trilogy that will incorporate characters from some previous films and will utilize characters from some of the video games. Furthermore, Anderson confirms that the film will be presented in 3D.

I’m not sure what to make of this news since the last film was just about the most half-assed pile of trash imaginable. Hard to see things improving from there, but I know my ass will be in the seat (sighs).

Look for Resident Evil: Afterlife in theaters September 17, 2010.


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  • vorodex999

    3D and he’s goin to incorporate people from the games and past films…?????? Ok I’m totally interested now. More so than before. Like I said folks we might get suprised by a great film. Here’s hoping.

  • Rottenjesus

    Oh look, another RE movie I won’t be seeing until it hits free cable.

  • vorodex999

    I dont think the guy makes A list movies but he does make some pretty entertaining B movies. As for the Resident Evil films I like them all, especially part 3, I do wish they were better films though. I just hope this film brings on more gore and zombie carnage as well as some mutant hybrids. I love the games and the movies are decent. Who knows maybe Paul W.A. will pull off a great zombie film. One can hope.

  • thedarkestshadow

    The last movie was not that bad.

  • Vermithrax

    I don’t know, his RE films really were not terrible in my opinion (except for the stop-mo zombies in pt. 2). But the guys movies have no balls. Zombie movies are supposed to be gorey damnit and RE has both Zombies and killer mutants….screw the PG-13 aim and give us some damn blood already!

    This is coming from a guy that does not really care for gore where it is not needed (i.e. torture porn, anything Eli Roth has done) but comeon, its zombies!