Dinner for Fiends: Blood & Hitcher

I know, a discussion about two crappy movies in theaters might not sound like something you’d want to listen to on the way to work, but that’s what’s so great about Dinner for Fiends; we can make even the most undesirable topic amusing.

Myself, Uncle Creepy, The Woman in Black, Andrew Kasch, Kryten Syxx and a special guest appearance by The Foywonder is what makes this one so much damn fun. At about 14 minutes The Foywonder appears with what just might be the most fucked up theory about The Hitcher I’ve ever heard. I’ll give you a hint; it’s got a connection to the number 23…

Click here or on the graphic below to give it a listen and as always please be sure to drop us a line if you have any suggestions about the show and what we could do better!

Johnny Butane

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