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One of our eagle-eyed readers sent us a heads-up about a new installment in the Wolf Man saga entitled House of the Wolf Man that is being filmed in and around the Los Angeles area with Sick Girl (review here) director Eben McGarr pulling double duty as the film’s writer and director and Lon Chaney, Jr.’s grandson, Ron Chaney, starring as the titular character.

Big Bad Wolf pointed us in the direction of Nuke the Fridge, where we learned the following: McGarr has shot the film to look exactly like a movie made in the 1940’s era. House of the Wolf Man was filmed in black and white and full frame. [Along with Chaney] the cast includes Dustin Fitzsimons, Jeremie Loncka, Sara Raftery, Cheryl Rodes, Jim Thalman, and John McGarr.

As you may recall, way back when Universal released two other “House of” movies: House of Frankenstein and House of Dracula. The folks behind this new flick intend for it to slip seamlessly in with the other two movies, and with no gore, language, or sex, it should be for all members of the family.

Check out a few photos below, click the bottom one for more, and swing by Bloody-Disgusting for a few other exclusives. And be sure to befriend House of the Wolf Man on MySpace and Facebook to keep updated on the project.

House of the Wolf Man

House of the Wolf Man

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

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  1. Looks Promising!

    Agree on the ” 50’s ” look.

    Just as long as Drac does not say ” Eddie, Eddie whats my lines?”, should be a good show.

  2. I still dont care I’ll be seeing it in theaters. and I’ll hope that it has not been given too much CGI. But this here House of the Wolf Man is brillant. I must admit. Freaking brilliant. Oh and Elmira Cray is beautiful.

  3. I’d like to see just how seamlessly the film will fit in with the others. I hope it can be done! However, those two actors in the first photo look like they’d fit into the late 50’s scene more than anything from the 40’s.

  4. Cool….but what ever happened to Universal’s big budget remake? I mean, hasn’t the film been done completed for over a year now?

        • From people talking about it — especially its lack of any sort of presence at SDCC. Granted, it’s just speculation, but still …

          • Plus all the reshoots, adding CGI for the fight scenes, and from what I read they’ve also messed with Rick Baker’s design for the wolf-man.

          • That’s what I read. The main quote I remember was a studio rep saying “The full articulation of the transformational lead character will be realised when the film is completed and we are excited to share his incredible look with the world in the upcoming trailer.” This was after an actor said “the Wolf was on its heels and it looked daft” and talked about the new design looking tougher and more ferocious. They also made a big deal about a fight scene between a wolfman and a werewolf.

            I’ll hold out my judgement until I see the trailer. Regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes I doubt it’ll be worse than something like Blood and Chocolate.

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