UPDATE: Lionsgate Unveils Second Batch of Ghost House Underground Titles

Early sales art for four of Lionsgate’s big Halloween ’09 releases has surfaced, showcasing the second batch of DVD’s and Blu-rays in their Ghost House Underground line, and there are a couple of winners in the mix!

Check out the image below (click it for a better look) of the artwork for the super spooky The Children, Ed Sanchez’s Seventh Moon, The Thaw, and the latest Jack Ketchum offering Offspring, all of which will be available on October 6th!

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Update: Now with synopses and specs.

 Lionsgate Unveils Second Batch of Ghost House Underground Titles

Director Eduardo Sanchez, winner of the 1999 Cannes Film Festival Award of Youth for The Blair Witch Project, “returns with a brilliantly conceived and executed supernatural thriller” (Fantastic Fest). According to an ancient Chinese myth, on the full moon of the seventh lunar month, the gates of hell open and the dead are freed to roam among the living. While honeymooning in China, a young newlywed couple takes part in a sacred event that honors these spirits. Unfortunately their enthusiasm borders on mockery and their disagreeable charm ends in angry glances among the locals. As night falls, their tour guide abandons them in a desolate field. What they thought was a joke is becoming far too real as they fight to survive the night of the Seventh Moon.

·Audio commentary with writer/director Eduardo Sanchez and actress Amy Smart
·“Ghosts of Hong Kong: The Making of Seventh Moon” featurette
·“The Pale Figures” featurette
·“Mysteries of the Seventh Lunar Month” featurette
*Subject to change

 Lionsgate Unveils Second Batch of Ghost House Underground Titles

They Hunt in Packs. They Feed on Flesh. They prey on innocence. They are back with a vengeance and an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Their time has come – again. Based on the acclaimed novel and adapted for the screen by bestselling author Jack Ketchum, Offspring follows the survivors of a brutal flesh-eating clan that has re-surfaced in the once sleepy town of Dead River, Maine. The locals are in for a rude awakening when they realize it’s the same pack that the sheriff thought he killed off a decade ago. Just when they thought the nightmare was over, they’re about to discover that the fight for their lives has only just begun. The film was included in the Fangoria Weekend of Horror and Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear.

Audio commentary with writer Jack Ketchum, director/producer Andrew Van Den Houten, and producer/cinematographer William M. Miller
“Progeny: The Birth of Offspring” featurette
Photo gallery
Printable script
*Subject to change

 Lionsgate Unveils Second Batch of Ghost House Underground Titles

Val Kilmer (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) stars as a renowned environmental advocate, Dr. David Kruipen, who discovers the real horror of global warming in the frightening new film The Thaw. When Dr. Kruipen discovers the carcass of a woolly mammoth in a polar ice cap, he helms a team of four bright ecology students and leads them in a research mission at a remote Arctic station. The group uncovers information beyond their wildest dreams…and nightmares…when a pre-historic parasite revives and searches for a new warm-blooded host. Now, infected, the unsuspecting students are forced to choose between a quarantine that will result in their burial ground or a global epidemic.

Behind the Scenes
*Subject to change

 Lionsgate Unveils Second Batch of Ghost House Underground Titles

You brought them into the world. They will take you out. A family anticipates a Christmas filled with sledding, laughter and hot cocoa as they head to their vacation home in the secluded backcountry. The holiday cheer takes a fast turn for the worst after a mysterious flu-like virus sweeps through the kids. One by one the children become deadly. Amidst the suspicion, mayhem and murder, the parents must fight for survival against their own twisted offspring. The Children was declared “relentless, primal horror” (Guardian), a “taboo shattering movie” (Time Out), “Village of the Damned for the 21st Century” (IGN.com) and Steve Niles, author of the graphic novel 30 Days of Night says, “I will never go near a playground again!”

Deleted scenes
“The Making of The Children” featurette
“Shooting on Location” featurette
“Paul Hyett Talks Prosthetics” featurette
“Snow Set Design” featurette
“Inside Tom Shankland’s On Set Lair” featurette
“Working with The Children” featurette
*Subject to change

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  • Chainsaw

    That’s a good lineup, but I really hate what they did with the Ghost House logo all over the thing, especially for the Seventh Moon cover. And could there be anything more misleading that the “2 Creators Of The Evil Dead Trilogy” banner?

    I have a genuine dislike for how Lionsgate is run and who runs it, but there’s been some really solid choices for the GHU imprint, much more than the After Dark films.

  • The Buz

    Yeah The Thaw actually looks pretty decent.

  • Doc Block

    I’m planning on pre-ordering The Children, Offspring, and The Thaw (which I’m really stoked about). I really couldn’t care less about Seventh Moon.

  • xy marla

    I want to see The Thaw. I love those Ashmore boys and Val rocks.

    check it! http://www.dannyisnthere.com

  • Kid A

    I got the Children on Reg. 2 DVD and it is pretty creepy. I’m interested in Offspring as well.

  • Minion

    Really been looking forward to The Thaw.