Midway Returns to Area 51

Blacksite: Area 51 pic (click to see the whole thing!Sometimes, you have to wonder what a company (in this case a publisher) is thinking in keeping a game series alive. That’s not to say that there isn’t reason to be excited about the game I’m about to tell you about, just that sometimes I think carrying the name of a franchise is a hindrance, and severing ties would actually be better for all involved. Kind of like how I think Return of the Living Dead Part 3 would have been much better received had it not been branded as a sequel to the awful Part 2.

In this case, we’re talking about a videogame: BlackSite: Area 51. A game desperately in need of dropping its subtitle if you ask me.

The Area 51 series, for what it’s worth, consists of a barely remembered light gun coin op and a decently received FPS that showed up on consoles last generation. Unfortunately for that second game, it’s probably best remembered for the awful voice work David Duchovny did on it as the main character, and the stunt casting of Marilyn Manson as his alien partner. Though to be fair to Marilyn, someone who isn’t an actor, he did a much better job than the former Mulder.

Blacksite: Area 51 pic (click to see the whole thing!So it’s with all this history that I say, gee BlackSite: Area 51 should just be called BlackSite. Then I wouldn’t needed to have dredged up two barely remembered games and could have just told you about this promising looking Sci-Fi/Horror FPS heading to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Not only are the games looks eye catching, featuring some very unique and creepy looking aliens, but it sounds like they’re trying some relatively uncommon things for the genre. For example, you fight with a squad of soldiers. Now that in itself mightn’t sound to different to other games you might have played, but having the morale of your squad be affected by how you yourself are playing is something we haven’t seen attempted to my knowledge since The Thing was adapted into a video game.

The levels have been designed in an open fashion, giving you and your team numerous ways to approach and engage your enemy. IGN have a bit more information and a few screenshots and videos give you an idea of how the game is looking at this stage. If you like what you see you don’t have long to wait either, as the game is due this summer.


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