Exclusive Bloody Stills: Won Ton Baby

Fresh off of the last round of “WTF?!?” type images, director James Morgart has dropped us a line with even more bloody carnage-laden stills to share with you guys from his new flick Won Ton Baby.

Dig on them and the synopsis below!

“In 1976 little did brothel owner Rachel “Madam” Won Ton know that a wild, drug-induced night with an Elvis impersonator would change her life forever.

Thirty-three years later, Madam Won Ton has converted her brothel into a restaurant. She is also the single mother of two – a half-Asian teenage son named Benjamin and a Caucasian daughter in her thirties named Lily. While Benjamin stews in his own rebellion, shirking his responsibilities and smoking pot, Lily is a loyal and dedicated daughter who believes that her biological father was a man of Asian descent. This lack of a father figure in her life and desire to cling to tradition leads Lily to not only be the keeper of her family, but to fake an Asian accent as a means of finding her “roots” – a habit that seriously irritates her half-Asian yet fully Americanized brother.

However, Lily’s only problem is not just her confused identity. She is also carrying an unusually large abnormal growth in her abdomen. Ashamed and guilt-ridden for her daughter’s issues, Madam Won Ton seeks solace in whiskey until the growth in Lily’s abdomen causes crippling pains.

Upon consultation with a doctor, Madam and Lily are told that her daughter is carrying a rare abnormality known as a fetus-in-fetu – a twin that Lily’s body absorbed while in the Madam’s womb. Though the fetus is abnormally large, the doctor decides to take the chance removing the fetus, and upon doing so realizes that the fetus is actually alive!

This rare medical phenomenon is treated as a blessing by Lily, who attempts to teach the baby how to talk, how to walk, and how to eat. Unfortunately, this baby doesn’t like baby food…

When the Won Tons discover their newest family member taking a liking to raw meat and even killing vermin in order to satiate its desire for blood and nutrients, Madam and her son are mortified. Madam Won Ton demands that the baby be kept out of the apartment until they can decide what to do about it. It is heartbreaking news to Lily and a decision that irks the child…

While sequestered in the family’s restaurant, the baby seeks its revenge by killing off whomever it comes across and devouring them as a means to satisfy its unrelenting hunger. When the Won Tons discover the mutilated, half-eaten remains of one of their waitresses, the pressure lands on the shoulders of Lily and her mother. Can her family survive the divide this creature has driven between them before it’s devoured them all? Or will the bond of a mother and daughter prevail in the face of the terror of a Won Ton Baby!”

“The actor with the bo staff is Abe Tran. He’s playing Benjamin Won Ton – half-brother of Little Wing “Lily” Won Ton (Suzi Lorraine) and son of Madam Won Ton (Debbie Rochon), says Morgart. “He is a brilliantly talented new actor (WTB! is his feature film debut), stunt coordinator, and martial arts expert – most recently, he was touring with TMNT to provide martial arts demonstrations at conventions and his first experience in entertainment came as a contestant on the MTV show Final Fu. That’s an umbilical cord sticking out of his cheek, btw. The stills with Abe come from his showdown with the baby. The one closeup of the baby is in the kitchen of the restaurant as he munches away on a victim’s intestines.”

Now tell me it’s possible to not be intrigued! Stabbing someone with an umbilical cord in the face?!? Yep, we’re there! Look for more on this one really soon, including a trailer!

Exclusive Bloody Stills: Won Ton Baby (click for larger image)

Exclusive Bloody Stills: Won Ton Baby (click for larger image)

Exclusive Bloody Stills: Won Ton Baby (click for larger image)

Exclusive Bloody Stills: Won Ton Baby (click for larger image)

Exclusive Bloody Stills: Won Ton Baby (click for larger image)

Exclusive Bloody Stills: Won Ton Baby (click for larger image)

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