The Music of Rob Zombie’s H2

As a companion to the CD cover art we showed you the other day, Captain Clegg’s “Zombie A-Go-Go” music video has premiered today. In addition, all you music lovers out there should be happy to learn we’ve also found the full track listing for Rob Zombie’s Halloween II soundtrack.

Fangoria scored the Clegg video, which was directed by Don Swaynos and shot in Austin, Texas last month.

As for the songs that will be providing the background for Michael’s mayhem in the film, here’s the skinny:

1. The Things We Do For Love – 10cc
3. Nights In White Satin – MOODY BLUES
4. Amerarockers – SCREAM
5. Kick Out The Jams – MC5
6. I Just Want To Make Love To You – FOGHAT
7. Magic – PILOT
8. I Against I – BAD BRAINS
9. Come Back – MISFITS
10. Night And Day – FRANK SINATRA
11. Time To Die – VOID

Pre-order the disc below, and look for both the CD in stores and Halloween II in theatres on August 28th.

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

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  • Floydian Trip

    Yeah, Rejects was good but not as good as House. That’s one of my fav soundtracks ever. Mostly because of the original songs he came up with for it but it also had some other odd songs that conflicted with the movies theme completely and made them sound pretty creepy.

  • Floydian Trip

    It’s too bad he’s not a John Carpenter tier filmmaker who can come up with a kickass original score. I think musically he’s completely out of touch and has lost it.

  • Vermithrax

    Why don’t you just get Tyler Bates to do the whole thing and ditch the bands? That is what ruined the last one for me…Hearing freaking ‘Love Hurts’ as Michael prepares to kill people. It seriously made the entire theater crack up and I just shook my head in disappointment.

    • The Woman In Black

      Well, the “real” songs worked well in Rejects. I’m continuing my hope that Halloween is to Corpses as Halloween II will be to Rejects.

    • DeathComesRipping

      Love Hurts was the song his Mom was ripping to, not the background music for the scene (if that makes any sense). I agree though, I don’t like the beat you over the head juxtaposition. It worked in Corpses when the cops and the girl’s father found all of the carnage at the Firefly house. The creepy oldie playing and no audio from the actual scene was very effective; but he over uses it for sure.

  • Avid Fan

    A surprisingly good list of bands and songs.

  • PrairieGhost

    This is pretty fucking bad lol

  • Floydian Trip

    With the exception of Bad Brains that soundtrack pretty much sucks. I loved the House of 1,000 Corpses soundtrack but that was the last thing I was into musically with anything Rob put his name on. His last album wasn’t very good at all. I miss White Zombie.

    • The Butcher

      Actually VOID is pretty amazing too. I am realllly surpised to see them on this soundtrack.

      The VOID/FAITH split from back in the day is classic (and no they are not stoner rock)

      • Avid Fan

        Yes, a nice surprise to see Void pop onto the radar like this. Very insane band for their time. Surprisingly still insane on a recent listen as well.

  • Dr Malachi Constant

    But Captain Clegg sucks. Hard.

  • Dr Malachi Constant

    Say what you will about the movie, that soundtrack’s pretty bad ass. ‘Bout time I Against I got some love.

  • PelusaMG

    “The things we do for love”… Are you serious? Is that going to be playing when Sherri tells Michael to go kill for mama?

  • Uncle Creepy

    Well … at least there’s no “Love Hurts” this time! *cringe*