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If a film described as a “thinking person’s zombie flick” sounds up your alley, then you may want to add The Other Side to your Labor Day horror agenda, especially now that it’s available on all the major Internet VOD outlets.  Already have a full plate this weekend? Then mark your calendar for September 18th, when it hits cable and satellite.

The Other Side VOD Release Details:
Orchard Place Productions, an independent film production company based in Pittsburgh, PA, has released, in collaboration with Gravitas Ventures, its first feature film, titled The Other Side.

The Other Side is a thinking person’s zombie flick, filmed in the birthplace of zombies and inspired by character-driven horror such as “The Walking Dead” and “Supernatural.” The film is set in the fictional small town of Elkwood, PA, at the dawn of the zombie apocalypse. The story unfolds in layers as the characters deal with both past and present adversity, and the danger slowly escalates, culminating in an explosive climax.

The movie is available beginning September 1, 2015, on all major Internet Video on Demand (IVod) platforms, including Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, YouTube, Xbox Video, and Hoopla. In addition, The Other Side will be released September 18th on most major cable and satellite providers in the US and Canada, including Verizon FIOS, Dish Network, Cox, Charter On Demand, Suddenlink, Mediacom, Insight, RCN, Rogers on Demand, Shaw, and Eastlink TV.

The Other Side is produced by John Niespodzianski, Chris Niespodzianski, and Raymond Mongelli III.  It’s co-directed by C. Niespodzianski and Raymond Mongelli III based on a script by C. Niespodzianski.

It stars Chad Conley, Danielle Lozeau, Christine Starkey, Chuck Hendershot, Jack Davis, Robert Liscio, Michelle Coben, Benjamin Sheeler, Matthew Bright, LaMar Darnell Fields, Will Guffey, Christopher Murphy, Johnny Terreri, Sean Scott, Jing Jing Zhang, Tom Mirth, Victoria Deans, James Quinn, Carl Clemons, DaMia Law, Caylyn Stamm, John Mihaljevic, Earl Rorer, Matt Carraher, and Joe Fishel.

All cast and crew are Pittsburgh-based except for Lozeau (LA), Scott (NYC), and Zhang (China); and the soundtrack features all local bands and artists. The Other Side is based on a short film of the same name, which was the winner of the 2012 Pittsburgh Zombie Shorts Film Festival.

Keep your eyes on The Other Side Facebook page for updates.

It’s just another routine day in Elkwood, PA… or is it? People are missing, and lives will be changed forever once the haunting truth is revealed. Follow Chris Sullivan (Conley) as he searches for his missing wife while unknowingly finding himself in the middle of the dawning zombie apocalypse. 

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