This Hog Looks Nifty

Nifty Entertainment, best known for the comic book The Cadre, has set its sights on the film industry, and one of its first film projects is the sci-fi horror flick The Hog, which is described as “Jaws meets Porky’s”. If the mecha-hog in the finished film looks as nifty in the finished film as it does in the production art, then this movie is definitely going to be hog wild.

The Hog, written by and to be directed by Mat Nastos (he of the 2006 mutant scorpions in a submarine flick Stinger), is currently in pre-production for Nifty Entertainment. They claim to be aiming for horror comedy along the lines of Black Sheep and Shaun of the Dead. What little we know of the storyline goes a little something like this:

“When a school’s mascot is killed in a prank gone wrong, an unstable genius transforms it into an agent of revenge.”

Nifty Entertainment is looking for donations for The Hog. For $100 or more your name will get thanked in the credits. Wonder how many “thanks” it’ll take for the hog in the movie to look as cool as the one in the concept art.

The Hog

The Foywonder

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  • Avery

    I came across this one a little while back in one of my searches. There was an official website with early pics and more concept art but it went down shortly afterwards. It sounds rather cool so hopefully they’ll be able to get it off the ground and we’ll get to see this one.

  • justplaindoug

    And for five hundred they will name one of the victims after anyone you wish.

    That would have to get at least a donation or two.

    “Christy! Look out behind you! Oh christ…did you see that thing rip open her chest?”

    “Yes, but didn’t you think shitting on her face was a bit of an overkill?”