Final Halloween Casting?

Rob Zombie's Halloween (click for larger image)Here we are in January, and I just cannot help but think about October. The main thing on my agenda? Rob Zombie’s re-imagining of the John Carpenter classic Halloween.

Those hungry for news about this latest entry in the franchise are keeping their eyes glued to Halloween‘s official MySpace page for details, and a few more casting choices have been announced.

The role of Lynda has totally been filled by “Rescue Me” star Kristina Klebe; Udo Kier has joined the ranks, playing Morgan Walker, head of Smith’s Grove Sanitarium; and in the most interesting bit of news, we finally have our Laurie.

Scout Taylor-Compton, most recently seen in the After Dark HorrorFest’s Wicked Little Things and An American Crime, will be assuming the role made famous by Jamie Lee Curtis.

Some would venture to say that she may be a little too pretty for the part as Laurie was just an average girl whose true beauty lay in her strength and resilience (not to mention one powerful set of lungs). I guess we’ll see what Rob comes up with. His involvement is the only reason why my stomach doesn’t hurt every time I think about this movie being made.

More as it comes.

Uncle Creepy

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Jon Condit