New Stills: Dread and The Horde

Another round of stills from this year’s Film 4 FrightFest that should entice both Clive Barker fans and you ever-so-hungry fans of the living dead!

First up a look at Anthony DeBlasi’s film version of Clive Barker’s Dread, which is playing the festival on Sunday, August 30th, at 9:00PM.

Adapted by writer/director Anthony DiBlasi from the Clive Barker novella in ‘Books of Blood Volume II’ this psychological horror tale is intense, grim and nasty – the shock ending the stuff of appalling nightmares. Three Boston college students join forces to helm a Kinsey-style documentary study on the subject of fear. But two of the unholy trio are unaware the third is haunted by past demons causing chilling sociopath behaviour and a driven need to explore people’s innermost terrors to extreme limits.

Dread (click for larger image)

Dread (click for larger image)

Next up are stills from the French zombie opus The Horde, which will be playing the festival on Friday, August 28th, at 9:40PM.

From executive producer Xavier Gens (FRONTIER(S)’ director) comes another major shock to the action horror system. In order to avenge the murder of one of their own by a group of ruthless gangsters, four corrupt Paris cops go on a rampage. Then the unimaginable occurs. Hordes of rage-fueled zombies suddenly appear. Let the End of Days battle begin between cops, gangsters and the Living Dead in a world with no future.

The Horde (click for larger image)

The Horde (click for larger image)

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

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  • Metafiction

    I need a DVD release date immediately for Dread! I’m going insane over here in Australia waiting for this movie to reach me. Does anyone know if there’s even an Australian distributer?

  • Cash Bailey

    I hope DREAD is good. But the trailer looks really… gay.

    Sorry to go there, but it does. And the short story doesn’t really lend itself easily to filmic adaptation.

    • Messiahman

      Actually, DREAD functions just as easily as an arthouse film as it does a horror film. Acting, writing, directing and cinematography are all stellar. It’s much too distinctive to find a wide audience, but those who seek it out are going to be floored.

      Doubt if you wish, but this film has now set the bar for Barker adaptations.

      So far, it’s the best film in any genre that I’ve seen this year, and I’ll go so far as to say that it’s the best Barker adaptation EVER, perfectly nailing the story and expanding it in ways that always seem organic and natural.

      Yes, it’s that good.

      • rupp30

        It’s sad I can’t go to Film4 Frightfest this year or else I’d get to see how amazing Dread is. Apparently everyone I’ve talked to says it’s an amazing film and one of the best this year. I’m bummed out I’ll have to wait to see this adaptation.


  • rupp30

    not so sure about dread. hope its good but doubt it will be.

    but the horde looks fucking awesome.


    • Uncle Creepy

      For the record DREAD kicks ass!

      • rupp30

        i’m going to watch it either way but you just got my confidence back up. thanks creepy.

        I hope Barker can return to the director’s chair someday. I miss his work. we’re seeing his books of blood being turned into films but imagine if he were to do them…

        I can only dream


      • Sirand

        Yes, Dread is incredible.

        • Doc Block

          Dammit Kasch! You and Creepy are making me desperate to see DREAD. It’s right up there with PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and GRACE on my must-see list! Any word on a release for DREAD?

          • rupp30

            Yes please, I want to know a release date as well.