Succubus in Your House

Back in November I did a story about a potentially cool little horror flick that I stumbled upon while web surfing called Succubus: Hell Bent (read it here). The film deals with Adam, a womanizing child of privilege on college spring break in Cancun whose player ways finally catch up with him when one of the sexy babes he had a one-night stand with down there follows him back home to Los Angeles and begins going all Fatal Attraction on him.

He’s got even bigger problem than just finding bunnies boiled on the stove; the young woman turns out to be Lilith, a bloodthirsty fallen angel who clearly doesn’t like being just another notch on some guy’s bedpost. After becoming the prime suspect when his friends and loved ones begin turning up dead, Adam has to turn to a mysterious stranger who may be able to give him the know-how to deal with his succubus problem.

Succubus: Hell Bent stars newcomer Robert L. Mann as Adam (does his character sound like someone we’re supposed to be rooting for?) and former Coors Light Girl Natalie Denise Sperl as the titular succubus (whom I’m rooting for in this case!). A couple of recognizable names appear such as In Case of Emergency‘s Kelly Hu as the LAPD Homicide Detective investigating the body count, B-movie vet David Keith as Adam’s billionaire father, and the living legend Lorenzo Lamas as a flight instructor who I’m guessing will experience an explosive, succubus-induced death.

As I stated in the original article, “Here’s what’s so great about this premise. You’ve got this demonic succubus who’s been walking amongst us for eons and yet she can still get duped by a horny spring-breaker just looking to score. That’s awesome!” You know what else is awesome? The mysterious succubus-busting stranger is played by Gary Busey. That should make for some entertaining insanity.

And the most awesome thing of all – Universal will be releasing Succubus: Hell Bent to DVD on April 17th. Woohoo!

No word yet on what if any extras will be included on the DVD, but if the fun stuff found on the Succubus website are any indication, there could be some worthwhile goodies. I strongly recommend heading over to the film’s website, checking out the trailer, and then, assuming you’re not at work or somewhere you might get in trouble for doing so, play the first person shooter game where you use a video camera and a mystical firearm to fight off the succubus’ floating head while trying to get a variety of bikini girls to go wild and pop their tops. What else do you have to do on a Friday?

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