In Memoriam: Lou Gentile

When you do what we do for a living, you end up meeting a lot of people on the road. In a way, we become sort of like a family. Some you see only on occasion, and some you become truly close with. Lou Gentile was one of those people whom you can easily connect with. At least that’s the way it was for me. It’s with a heavy heart that I say that he’s gone.

In Memoriam: Lou Gentile (click for larger image) In Memoriam: Lou Gentile (click for larger image) In Memoriam: Lou Gentile (click for larger image)

Before I go into any detail about Lou, allow me to share this statement from Lou’s family and then from his manager, Chris Roe:

“It is with great sadness we announce that on June 28, 2009, Paranormal Investigator and Syndicated Radio Show Host Lou Gentile lost his battle to cancer. Lou Gentile is survived by his wife and three children.

Services for Lou will be held on July 7th in Philadelphia at the John F. Fluehr & Son’s Funeral Home, located at 3301 Cottman Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19149. Services will begin at 6:30PM.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made out to The Lou Gentile Family. Donations can be sent to:
178 Louis Ave.
Bayville, NJ 08721

Any further information, please contact Chris Roe at CR Management. 1-310-927-6892 or

“The Paranormal and Horror Community has lost a great colleague. Lou was a gentle giant, and my very good friend, and really almost a big brother. He was dedicated fully to his profession. His findings and research were astonishing.

In recent months Lou remained busy working on his cases, a book and completed an in-depth documentary on Paranormal Activity with a British television network. He was a trooper to the very end.

He was also a dedicated husband and father. The love he had for his family was very evident. As a parent myself, he inspired me to be a better father. My life has been better because of Lou being in it!

My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Antoinette, and his three daughters. Lou will always be loved and forever missed.

Chris Roe – Manager”

This is without question the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. Every keystroke pulls on my heart in unfathomable ways. We met Lou at the first Rock and Shock show in Worcester, MA. Lou was there as a guest. The connection he and I had was instant.

I’ve always been a paranormal buff and can honestly say Lou was one of the best, if not THE BEST, in his field. There was nobody like him. There was never any of that lame “I feel a presense” nonsense. Lou was a no bullshit guy, and that’s how he would want to be remembered.

Yet, it wasn’t just his celebrity that attracted people to him. It was his heart. Lou was the type of guy to be the first in line to offer you a hug and a smile. He had the kind of love and goodness that just radiated off of him.

Over the years we became very close. Not a weekend would pass without either a long phone call or a session of gaming on Xbox Live. I loved the guy like a brother, and he reciprocated that love ten-fold. Lord knows I can be a handful and even a pain in the ass, but he never judged me or anyone else. He was the type of person who would accept you for who you were and was always there through thick and thin.

Whether you knew him or not, believe me when I tell you the world has suffered a great loss. Now I’ll leave this piece as I’m sure he would have wanted me to – With a shared smile of some really insane and good times.

Lou was very much an explorer. I hope he has finally found the answers to every question he’s ever asked. I love you, brother. Now and always.

In Memoriam: Lou Gentile

Steve Barton

Shared Links of Lou’s Work

Ghost Hunting with Lou Gentile Part 1

Ghost Hunting with Lou Gentile Part 2

Lou Gentile: Amityville and Beyond

Discuss and celebrate Lou’s life and work below and in the Dread Central forums.

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  • Sir_Gilligan_Horry

    I have been very busy everyday studying online about UFOs, ETs, NDEs, Ghosts, Space, Top Secret Information, etc. And I used to listen to Lou Gentile on his excellent radio show. I love Coast to Coast AM, and Rense Radio, and The Kevin Smith Show. But The Lou Gentile Show was the best. Also, there was an excellent possession documentary on TV here in New Zealand proving the reality of people on rare occasions getting possessed, and Lou Gentile was featured in that documentary. So I was following his radio show and saw him on TV and it was just amazing. Lou Gentile is in the spirit realm now, and with his good nature he is with like minded consciences. Family and Friends. I made a YouTube video on the 1st of March sending Thanks and Love to Lou Gentile called “Best UFOs Aliens Proof Evidence Videos”. I would like to make another video now dedicated to Lou Gentile. I will post this message in the forum. Love and Wisdom to you all.

    • Uncle Creepy

      I think Lou would really like that. Please keep us posted.

      • Sir_Gilligan_Horry

        Lou Gentile Radio Fans YouTube Channel …

        That’s where my Lou Gentile dedication video
        will be online today or tonight.

        And I will be collecting a lot more to archive there also.

  • PrairieGhost

    You will be missed. Rest in peace Lou.

  • Irish LaLa

    I am speechless, and that is a first for me.
    My heart goes out to Ant & the girls.

    Much love & God Bless you all.


  • Knetter

    I had the privilege of getting to know Lou over the years and always found him to be a very caring, full of life person who absolutely loved what he did and the people around him. Although it has been some time since I talked to him he will be greatly missed by my family and I.

  • PsychicLady

    I dreaded Antoinette’s call on June 28, 2009.

    Having just lost my dear friend Irv Homer who I co-hosted 32 years of talk radio shows with, it was all too much to bear.

    Doing a few radio shows with Lou Gentile was an honor. I will never forget his ability and kindness.

    My sympathy to Antoinette and the children, his manager Chris Roe and all those that got to meet Lou and grow to love him like I did.

    If there is someway to make it back from the other side it will be Lou who finds it and you can be sure the first thing he would do on returning would be to jump back in his chair by his microphone and tell his story.

    God Bless you Lou

    Psychic Valerie Morrison
    Philadelphia, PA

  • steaminjack


    I know we didn’t actually hang out much in person, but when we did it was great, and we clicked instantly. We did however put in many, many, many late night babble sessions, talking about anything under the sun, and on a lot of occasions we just talked about nonsense, “just” to see who would break face first, and ummmmmmm….. start making sense. I will greatly miss those times. I already do.

    During all those hours, I realized you were a good person. And, good people are hard to come by (at least up here in NYC anyways). From there, we became friends, and I “think” we were good friends too. I want to thank you for those times, for being a good person, and for being a good friend of mine. I am gonna miss you Lou, but I won’t ever forget you.

    RB, aka “Steamin Jack”, aka “Uncle Crispy”, aka the “Interior Crocodile Alligator” – I know you’re laughing while reading that Lou, that one was for you : ) Love ya man.

  • RhianonWaits

    Wow … it has been awhile since we spoke … but it was wasn’t because we didn’t care. YOU were an awesome friend and introduced me to so many people! My heart goes out to your wife and children!

    You were the only one that Steve ever let interview him over our life and you will always be in our hearts. Steve still uses the trick you taught him with Listerine.

    Lou …. I quit smoking again … a month ago I was stocking my pantry with tuna and had to sit down and laugh … I asked you out loud … are you sure about the Tuna Lou?? lol… sighs

    Your guidance and friendship will always ALWAYS be missed and we will love you forever!


  • The Woman In Black

    The world is a better place for having had Lou Gentile in it. He became like a brother to me and Steve, and we miss him almost more than we can bear. He loved life and lived it to the fullest, a lesson we will carry with us always.

    When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. ~Author Unknown

    Hope to see you on the other side, Lou. In the meantime, we will treasure your memory forever.

  • yabascaba

    I will miss you Lou…you were so patient with me in my quest for answers. Family or not, you were always there when I called with one of my dumb questions…then yelled at me “there are no dumb questions Deb!” then laughed…I will alway follow what you told me and look up to you…you are my mentor.

    Your cousin, Debbie
    xoxoxoxo Ant and girls

  • Emy

    Rest in Peace Mr. Gentile.

    • darren Bousman

      I had the great pleasure of Speaking to Lou for over an hour on the phone. He was a great guy, and will be missed.


  • Louis2012

    I’m shocked and deeply saddened by this, just heard it on C2C. I was a longtime listener to his great show and was hoping he would be back on the air someday, I didn’t even know he had cancer as he’d dropped off the radar online for ages. My thoughts and love are with Antoinette and the kids. Lou, I’ll miss you brother, thanks for all your work in the field…have fun up there, I just know you will. Love you man.

  • Blockbuster

    Godspeed Lou…we’ll see you on the other side.

    Creepy, much love to you and yours and his family Bro.

  • FilmCritic3000

    I’d like to take this opportunity to say, “FUCK CANCER!”

    RIP, Lou. I’m genuinely sorry to hear this and you have my sincere condolences, Steve.

  • MagusMaleficus

    I had a horrible feeling this is who you were referring to on Twitter. Godspeed, Lou.