Pick the Night of the Creeps DVD Cover!

We can all be thankful that Fred Dekker’s 1986 classic Night of the Creeps is on its way to DVD this fall, but horror fans can’t say the same for the planned DVD artwork – which you can have some say in choosing! The only problem is finding one that isn’t a goddamn eyesore!

Amazon.com is giving customers the opportunity to pick from three truly horrendous offerings. Check them out below, and then head over to Amazon to vote if you must. Meanwhile, I’ll be creating a custom cover using one of the three ORIGINAL posters. Not sure how Sony mucked this part up so badly considering that Night of the Creeps had some of the best promotional artwork of the 80s.

Maybe there’s a soul out there a bit more well educated than myself in these matters: Is it entirely a financial matter when it comes to licensing old poster art, or is it a marketing decision (and pathetic attempt) to make an older film appear more “current”? Fill me in below.

Pick the Night of the Creeps DVD Cover! Pick the Night of the Creeps DVD Cover! Pick the Night of the Creeps DVD Cover!


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