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Titan Gets Bloodthirsty with a New Trailer

During this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, Titan announced we’d be seeing Issue #1 of new mini-series Bloodthirsty in September, and now that the release date is quickly approaching, a new trailer for the horror comic has arrived.

Bloodthirsty is a visceral revenge thriller that merges the real-world hopes and horrors of a post-disaster community with an engaging thread of political corruption, class divide, and blood-curdling terror. Written by screenwriter Mark Landry and illustrated by Ashley Witter (Interview with the Vampire, Squarriors), the giant-sized debut issue, which has two covers to collect, drops September 30th.

To keep up-to-date with news about Bloodthirsty, visit the Titan Comics website at Titan-Comics.com or connect with Titan Comics on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Haunted by the catastrophe that tore his city apart ten years ago, Coast Guard veteran Virgil Lafleur struggles daily with the hardships of a post-Katrina New Orleans. But when his younger brother’s murder leads him into a vortex of intrigue, corruption, and violence, Virgil becomes obsessed with bringing the killers to justice and exposing the horrific secret hiding beneath the Mississippi.


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