Under the Mountain One-Sheet Surfaces Over the Net

Jonathan King, director of the splattery good gore-fest Black Sheep (review here), has a new flick coming out soon called Under the Mountain that unfortunately has been given a pretty lame poster. Still, given how crazed his last film was, we’re willing to give King the benefit of the doubt and not let the artwork that appears to have escaped from a certain other Mountain dissuade us!

“When teenage twins Rachel and Theo investigate the creepy old house next door, they discover the Wilberforces – shape-shifting creatures that lurk beneath Auckland’s ring of extinct volcanoes.

Guided by the mysterious Mr. Jones and with the help of their older cousin Ricky, the twins must rekindle the unique powers they once shared if they are to destroy this ancient evil – before it destroys them.”

Check out the one-sheet below courtesy of Twitch, and click it to see a still from the film. Look for more on Under the Mountain soon!

Under the Mountain One-Sheet Surfaces Over the Net

Uncle Creepy

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  • Justin Warren

    Now I loved Black Sheep, I though it was hilarious, but truthfully, it was largely just a DTV Dimension Extreme title. That’s not a lot of notoriety–I think Sam Neill’s name should be somewhere on the poster in larger text.

  • Emy

    Sounds a lot like Race to Witch Mountain. I mean the whole thing with the twins, the mountain, powers, …

    Hopefully it will be different. Race to Witch Moutain was surprisingly good but no need for it to be copied.

    I would want this one to be way more adult oriented.

Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.