Nimrod Antal Leading the Predators Pack?

Will Nimrod Antal land the Predators directing gig?There’s been lots of Internet buzz surrounding the upcoming Robert Rodriguez-produced Predators. Story details, casting rumors, and of course, the recent director lottery have been featured on websites everywhere for the past few weeks so what’s another day without more on the latest franchise restart?

Latino Review managed to shed some more light on the mysterious “Predators 7” – the small ring of filmmakers reportedly in the running to resurrect these bloodthirsty alien hunters. They’re saying that Nimród Antal (Kontroll, Vacancy) is not only on the list, but also the odds on favorite to snatch the coveted director’s chair.

I’ve yet to see Antal’s Kontroll despite hearing great things. To be honest, though, I love Vacancy. It’s a tense little suspense flick with some good performances and steadily mounting anxiety. This guy’s got a nice eye for visuals and has no trouble handling tension. While I was looking forward to seeing what Neil Marshall might do with the series, Antal definitely has the chops.

Stay tuned.


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  • Didn’t See It Coming

    Neil Marshall should be the guy and he would be PERFECT for the job.