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In Memoriam: The Best of True Blood



True Blood

Whether you loved it or hated it, we can’t deny “True Blood: happened. HBO’s sexy vampire drama was either something you could really bite your hypothetical fangs into (pun intended) or a show you loved to hate watch for its ridiculous array of supernatural critters.

The overwhelming majority of “True Blood” fans seem to unanimously agree on the following: When the show was good, it was good; but when it was bad, it was REALLY BAD.

Yet, we still kept watching just to see how the crazy and often completely ridiculous series would wrap up all the fairy, werewolf, witch, and vampire foolishness.

True Blood - In Memoriam: The Best of True Blood

It’s been a year since “Sookie” (to be read in Bill Compton fashion) and the rest of the lively Bon Temps gang appeared on the small screen. As a eulogy to the greatest vampire porn ever made, in no particular order, here are some of “True Blood’s” greatest moments.

10. Longshadow’s Death
One of the first vampire kills on “True Blood” was one of the show’s best and goriest scenes. In the show’s lore, if a vampire kills another, one must be created in its place, in this case Jessica. While this was strictly enforced in Season 1, later seasons ignored this “rule” and started getting stake-happy.

9. High Vampires/The Karaoke Massacre
In one of the highlights of Season 5, Bill, Eric, our beloved Russell, and the sorely disappointing Authority get high on Lilith’s vampire god blood and crash a wedding party. Bonus: Eric gives Bill a piggyback ride and “You Light Up My Life” karaoke. What a time to have been alive.

8. Nudity
At the request of both my husband (Jessica/Sookie) and my mother (direct quote: “Eric’s naked butt!”), the copious amount of gratuitous nudity on “True Blood” had to be mentioned. There is too much video evidence of said nudity for posting. Enjoy this delightful image instead.

truebloodfact - In Memoriam: The Best of True Blood

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