Worse Than Swine Flu! Meet Chaw!

Just when you thought it was safe to eat pork comes the trailer for the Korean giant pig flick Chaw! This thing is set to get revenge for every sliver of bacon EVER consumed!

Check out the trailer for Shin Jeong-won’s latest film after the break courtesy of the official Chaw website!

“One day in a small and peaceful village Sameri, boasting no criminal cases for 10 years, a terrible accident happens. Ecologists studying wild animals on a nearby mountain discover a collection of dismembered body parts. Policeman Kim Kang-su, just transferred to Sameri from Seoul, takes the case. The victim turns out to be a grand-daughter of Chun Il-man, who was once a legendary hunter. Chun is convinced that it wasn’t a human that murdered his granddaughter but a man-eating boar, Chaw. Terrified, the people of Sameri invite one of the most famous hunters, Baek, to catch the Chaw. Baek leaps at the chance, hoping it will prove himself to be the best ever hunter. Baek, Chun, detective Sim in charge of the case, ecologist Soo-ryun and Kim (whose mother is also missing) head into the deep dark mountains to confront the beast.”

Uncle Creepy

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  • frank_dracman

    We don’t get many movies starring giant pigs (no, Misery does not count, har har) so color me excited.

  • terrorpube

    This just looks like a crap korean remake of the American movie PIG HUNT.

    PIG HUNT is completely and utterly badass by the way, there is a distinct feel to the trailer, hearkening back to old school drive-in cinema, I’ll take the HUNT any day of the week.

  • rupp30

    haha this looks just like the host except with a giant pig. awesome!


  • gorebath

    Okay, so let me get this right. Jaws meets Host. Except this time it’s “I need a bigger truck”.