Brad Fuller Talks Friday the 13th Sequel

Brad Fuller Talks Friday the 13th Sequel (Click here for larger image)Like everybody else, I was amazed to see Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th remake hack its way to a $40 million opening weekend earlier this year. Audiences were ready for the triumphant return of Jason Voorhees, and box office receipts proved as much. With the Blu-ray and DVD ready to bow tomorrow, Dunes producer Brad Fuller opened up on what we might see during our next outing at Camp Crystal Lake.

Fuller told HitFix that the oft-touted premise of Jason in the snow is a distinct possibility although not for the duration of the film. He also dismisses the possibility of another three-dimensional killing spree: ”I suspect it will not be in 3-D, although we’d love to make a 3-D horror movie. We’d love to do it; they just don’t throw that money our way.”

One of the most common criticisms of the latest Friday the 13th (review here) is that the killings lack any real innovation. On this, Fuller says that he’s heard the fans loud and clear: ”You can read the comments and see where the truth is, and you can see as a producer where maybe that kill could’ve been better or we could’ve done something more clever here. However we can bring more clever kills to the second one, that’s what we’re going to do.”

I personally felt that Platinum Dunes dropped the ball big time with their remake. Not only were the kills boring, but the characters were crafted in such a detestable way that you ended up rooting for the man behind the mask. The creative deaths are always fun to watch, but there’s more tension and menace when your machete fodder isn’t the scum of the earth. I’d love to see Fuller and Co. take a second crack at Friday the 13th, but they’ve got to take a long and hard look at the formula and truly understand what didn’t work last time around if they want to avoid another 80% drop in the second week of release.

We don’t have a script, it’s not green-lit, and we have no idea what’s going to happen,” says Fuller. “If it gets green-lit and we’re able to mount it in a reasonable amount of time, we would hope the movie would open on August 13, 2010.


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  • Uncle Creepy

    Exclusive Teaser poster for Friday the 13th Part II! We didn’t have to wait long at all!

    Friday the 13th Part II

    Notice the care with which Jason handles his pot! There’s not one snowflake on any of it! IMPRESSIVE!

    • The Woman In Black


    • Grave-Danger

      Jason doesn’t have to run anymore. Now he uses a dogsled.

  • xy marla

    Yeah, the topless chick under the dock was a pretty cool kill, but the only good thing about this movie was Chewie. Aaron Yoo was excellent.

    check it! http://www.dannyisnthere.com

  • Vermithrax

    I saw the much talked ‘Killers Cut’ (that didn’t have anything the directer promosed) and was so freaking amazed at how terrible this movie was, seriously the kids in this movie were so annoying I still felt cheated their deaths weren’t agonizing enough. I’ll stay far away from this crap sequel.


  • PelusaMG

    I’m still amazed at the ‘kills boring’ jibe each time F13 2009 is mentioned. To this day, the machete through the dock into the head kill (and lift-up out of the water) was for me brilliant, fun and original. Sure, some of the others were generic fare, but not all of them…

    • Didn’t See It Coming

      Wait, so you’re citing ONE kill in a movie that has 13 as “good”. I can name a few others that were good but they all took place in the first 20 minutes.

  • fceurich39

    brad fuller is completely useless he said the killer cut of friday the 13th was supposed to be 122 min and be a completly different movie than the theatrical version

  • nonserviam03

    nice little Alice Cooper reference in there.

    I’d like to see this be the last one. Not even because the remake wasn’t up to snuff, but because that’d be 13 Jason movies.

  • Uncle Creepy

    So here’s the burning question …. Does pot grow in the snow?

    • krawlingkhaos

      Maybe Jason’s labyrinth of tunnels includes a greenhouse. Or maybe he’ll go all out and install a meth lab.

    • Vermithrax

      It must, according to Platnum Dunes theres only two types of people, preppy super model types that smoke pot or gritty old people….which one are you?

      • The Woman In Black

        Gritty old person here!
        *raises a shaky, age-spot covered hand*