Imminent DOOM on your iPhone!

Remember when the only game on your cell phone was Snake? It’s hard to believe how evolved cellular gaming has become in the past seven or so years, but today’s announcement from IGN raises the bar even higher! Now, you can wield the BFG and slaughter droves of pissed off demons all from the palm of your hand thanks to the iPhone!

Doom is back in portable form with Doom – Resurrection, a rail shooter that chugs along through eight levels of nonstop carnage, forcing the player to adapt to iPhone’s quirky control scheme or perish trying.

From IGN: You do not control the actual movement of the Marine. You do tilt and twist the iPhone to aim, though, and then tap a fire button to unload on monsters and demons. The game will also feature quick-time moments, where you must quickly jab an on-screen button to avoid an incoming attack. The idea of Doom as a rail shooter really is not that far-fetched, and fans of SEGA’s House of the Dead series should feel right at home.

Doom – Resurrection should be available in the App Store within the month. While you wait, you can dig on the screen grabs below.

Eminent DOOM on your iPhone!

Eminent DOOM on your iPhone!

Eminent DOOM on your iPhone!


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