Gullermo del Toro Picks His Frankenstein

Gullermo del Toro Picks His FrankensteinIn the Creepy household one monster reigns supreme — Frankenstein’s monster! We have Frankenstein everything! When visionary director Guillermo del Toro first started talking about directing his version of the timeless tale, there was much rejoicing. He’s the perfect choice for a re-envisioning. In a recent interview del Toro let it slip whom he has in mind for the role.

MTV Movies Blog reports that during a chat about his upcoming film The Hobbit, Guillermo spilled the beans that when he does the movie, Doug Jones will be on board to deliver the goods!

The only hitch? del Toro will no doubt be tied up in Lord of the Rings style mayhem for some time to come. Who know when this project will get made, but when it does? Holy shit. Keep it here for more.

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  • xy marla

    Doug and Guillermo together could do a Mr. Gatti’s commercial and I’d buy it on blu-ray. This will rock!

    check it!

  • Floydian Trip

    Well the only bit I could have done without in the extended version is the frozen pond bit. Otherwise I think King Kong is an amazing movie. The cheesy lines spoken were all straight out of the original which, for the most part, were intact.

  • NYC-Hearts

    Not to sound like a fan boy, but I don’t care about a Frankenstein. We need a del Toro “At the Mountains of Madness”. He’s probably the only director alive who could pull off a Lovecraft film (I say alive as I always thought Cocteau, with enough opium pumped into him, could have done a killer Lovecraftian film…)

    I needz my giant, albino penguins!

    • rupp30

      I would love to see a Frankenstein by del Toro but I agree that we need At the Mountains of Madness. I’m really looking forward to that film.


    • Chainsaw

      I agree, but with each passing project, it seems like ATMOM fades further into the distance. It’s a hard sell no matter what, and even if this is his dream project, it’ll be an uphill fight to get it made. Course, we said the same thing about Hellboy.

      Guillermo just has that knack with these things.

  • mrmordrid

    I hate to break it to you but this isn’t exactly new news. I doubt if this movie will ever get made with Del Toro since he likes to attach his name to about a half a dozen genre projects at a time.At The Mountains Of Madness and The Creature from Black Lagoon for example.

  • rupp30

    I don’t really think it’s possible for Del Torro to make a bad film. It may sound bad but any movie he’s making I just about have to jump on board for.

    Del Torro’s Frankenstien. What a feat that would be. I’m already excited. Let’s hope it gets rolling within the next year or so.


  • Floydian Trip

    PJ’s King Kong was brilliant. I was never a fan of Frankenstein but with Del Toro directing that’s all I need to get interested in this one.

    • Terminal

      The hell it was. It was overwrought, really unnecessarily long, and filled with moments of stupidity. It’s an okay movie, but brilliant? Let’s not bandy that word around so easily.

      • Avid Fan

        I actually felt that way about Del Torro’s Hellboy II. I love me some Hellboy and the comics come first. HBII was more like an overwrought Jim Henson movie, with more cheesy humor and goofy lines than necessary. And Kong certainly had it’s issues. But I could see, if done seriously with the tone of Del Torro’s personal film projects (Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth), that Frankenstein could be a fantastic film.
        I love Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, and it would be nice to see someone use the source material to deepen the horror icon to something beyond “Fire Bad!”.

  • BoggyCreekBeast

    I really hope G. del Toro’s Frankenstein turns out better than Jackson’s King Kong, just to knit the subject matter together a bit.

  • krawlingkhaos

    I enjoyed Branaugh’s version a lot, actually; I wonder if Del Toro is working from the book or the old Universal movie since they’re so vastly different. Frankenstein’s been done to death, but if anyone can do something new and interesting with it Del Toro can. I am eagerly awaiting more details.