Soisson Talks Trick or Treat Remake

Soisson Talks Trick or Treat Remake (click for larger image)Who here remembers the 1986 metal-driven horror classic Trick or Treat starring Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osborne, and Skippy from “Family Ties”? Anyone? Pulse 2 and 3 director Joel Soisson remembers it well. In fact, he can’t forget it because … well … he was the writer/producer of it! There’s been bit of talk about a potential remake, and Soisson spoke a little about it today.

Moviehole caught up with Joel to get a quick update after one of their readers asked editor-in-chief Clint Morris if there was any news.

“I’m amazed how many contacts, emails and letters I get from that movie. More than all my other films combined,” Soisson tells the site. “At the time we all wrote it off as a fun little confection that wouldn’t be remembered past its first Halloween weekend. Strange business we’re in. So yeah, I am actually kind of interested in a remake. Problem is, like Bill and Ted which we made around the same time for DeLaurentiis Entertainment group, the rights have been sold and resold from that now defunct company to the point it would take the FBI to puzzle it out. But your reader has inspired me to try. Something in the headbanger’s eternal struggle still resonates.”

Will Sammi Curr ride and rock again? We shall see!

Uncle Creepy

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  • Heather Buckley

    Maybe they can make it even more tacky! Exciting!

  • Jon Condit

    I LOVE Trick or Treat. Might have to pop it in and watch it when I get home later.

    A remake could be cool as long as it was done with respect to the original. I’d have to hear more about the proposed plans before I would say one way or another.

  • Vermithrax

    Wasn’t Simmons and Osbourne’s appearance in the film only a 5 second cameo on a tv show or something? I remember seeing it back in the early 90s but I barley remember it.

    • mrmordrid

      Ozzy had a cameo as a televanagelist and Simmons played a dj at the local radio station.

  • Messiahman

    Uhm, correction. Soisson didn’t direct MBV 3D. That was Patrick Lussier.

    • The Woman In Black

      It’s been corrected. It was a sleepy Creepy who wrote that!

      • Uncle Creepy

        Indeed! LOL

  • The Unknown Murderer

    When I see ‘remake’ I know it’s just par for the course for another horror news day, but I sigh.

  • Kahotep

    Will the plot of the remake still involve backmasking (does anyone still remember that?) or will Sammi Curr’s spirit be hidden within an MP3 digital code?
    And I’d definitely want to see more flesh in the remake, and not just the Family Ties’ kid’s rear end..

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    This is one of those movies that I would like to not watch again because I know it’s not nearly as good as I remember.

    • The Unknown Murderer

      Aww, you’re no fun!