Third Mummy Details Unwrapped

The Mummy 3 details revealedToday some details on the plot of The Mummy 3 were revealed during a conversation Sci Fi Wire had with one of the sequel’s writers, Al Gough. Though it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be anything groundbreaking, would we expect such grandiose things from a Mummy film? No, not really.

“We figured out a really good family story with Rick and Evie, and [their son] Alex is now grown up. So it’s really interesting,” Gough, who was also one of the creative forces behind “Smallville,” told the Wire. He said the focus of the film, aside from being a strong family story, will be establishing the son as a major character, likely so they can make more movies with just him and not have to worry about paying for Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz.

As to whether or not the duo will be back, that’s still up in the air. “They’re in negotiations,” Gough continued, “so the plan is to bring them back. I think it’ll end up being Brendan and Rachel ultimately. They’re the core of the movie.”

Expect a decision one way or another from the two soon as shooting is set to start this summer under the direction of Rob (Stealth) Cohen, which is really what worries me the most about the new entry. As long as it’s able to keep the swashbuckling good time feel of the first two though, I’ll be there opening weekend.

Johnny Butane

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