A Look at Loomis & More H2 Updates

Jesus Christ, Michael! We are so tired of looking at the Myers family. How about a peek at Loomis instead?

Ask and you shall receive! Rob Zombie recently posted a bunch of updates to his MySpace blog, including the picture of Dr. (Malcolm McDowell) Loomis and his publicist Nancy (Mary Birdsong) McDonald you see below.

Malcolm McDowell and Mary Birdsong from H2

He’s also asking every one of his friends on MySpace to update their profiles with the following image in an effort to “see how far we can spread this pic by August 28th.

H2 MySpace Profile Picture

Lastly, Rob furnished a bit of info on his Twitter account with regard to where he is in the editing process:

Finally our cut of H2 is under 2 hrs. Started at 4 hrs. I apologize in advance to all who are now on the cutting room floor. a tough biz.

No word yet on who might not have made the cut, but I’m sure it won’t be long before the list starts trickling out.

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

I'll see you on the other side...

  • PelusaMG

    When Loomis is not trying to tame the madness that is Michael Myers, he plays in the German synth group Tangerine Dream… (*Yeah, I’m showing my age there, but so what*).

  • Grave-Danger

    I can’t take a Loomis with that mustache seriously. Now he looks like Paul Sr. from American Chopper.

  • xy marla

    RZ’s a marketing genius. The jury’s still out on his actual filmmaking prowess.

    check it! http://www.dannyisnthere.com

  • Sirand

    4 hours? That’s worse than genital mutilation.