Sexy Chicks! Bikinis! Piranha! Oh my!

Some more behind-the-scene images popped up online today from Aja’s remake of Piranha that show off quite a bit of skin. Not-eaten-by-angry-prehistoric-fish skin.

The sexy photos appeared on SpoilerTV and showcase Riley Steele and Kelly Brooke on set of the flick experiencing happier (and hornier) times!

Look for Piranha in theatres March 19, 2010, from Dimension Films.

Click on the image below for more!

Sexy Chicks! Bikinis! Piranha! Oh my!

Uncle Creepy

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  • kiddu

    It would kick so much ass if the chick in red turns towards the camera and her boobs are a 3D effect.

  • Charlinathan

    wow…it’s nice two sexy girl meet each other and lick on boob….

  • Gus Bjork

    Why would someone wear heels on boat? That’s just crazy. She’s going to slip right off the deck and….oooooooooh I get it!

    • Rorschach

      Man…there HAS to be a shot where she resurfaces briefly with a fish on each boob….then disappears under the surface for a while….then a cloud of red and two saline sacks float to the surface.


  • xy marla

    hilarious. This movie’s going to suck, but it knows its target audience, doesn’t it?

    check it!

  • Cash Bailey

    I guess Aja was sick that day and had Michael Bay fill in for him.

    But all I can really say is… Know the Toe!!!

  • Rorschach

    It would kick so much ass if the chick in red turns towards the camera and her boobs are a 3D effect.

    • PelusaMG

      To get the full effect, she would need to be wearing nipple-tassels!

  • Floydian Trip

    Do we get a little lesbian action in this movie? The lesbian is far underutilized in horror films today. Where’s Jess Franco when you need him?

    • PelusaMG

      That’s just silly party games on a boat, designed to tease us into thinking there is going to be a full on lesbian scene in the film, but it’s not going to happen. Now if they were eating each other’s pussies out, THEN I would say we were in for some lesbian action!

  • Vermithrax

    Man, I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Friday the 13th (remake of course) where it is so painful have to sit through MTV teenage heart throbs for so long, even their eventual deaths isn’t satisfying enough for you.