Play 7eventy 5ive With Rutger Hauer

For those of you who live in the UK (or live anywhere and have an all-region player), on Tuesday, June 8th, DNC Entertainment will be releasing 7eventy 5ive on UK Region 2 DVD. It stars Rutger Hauer and promises to be “terrifying and alarming, heavy on brutal deaths [and] bloody splatter.”

The plot line is nothing new, but done right, it could be entertaining: A group of college students called “The Crew” engage in a game called “75”. The rules are simple: Prank call a random person and scare the hell out of them for 75 seconds. If the person laughs or hangs up, you lose. Whoever has the best scare wins. For The Crew, though, the game goes beyond a harmless prank when someone calls the wrong person. Stranded miles away from the nearest city, the body count begins to rise.

Along with Hauer, who plays a hardened cop racing against time to help the kids survive, 7eventy 5ive has two other familiar names associated with it: Wyclef Jean, who provided the soundtrack, and Magic Johnson’s production company. But even a pedigree like that doesn’t get 7eventy 5ive much respect — It’s a totally barebones release.

No word on any kind of a new US release, but if you have that aforementioned all-region player, you can preorder it here from Amazon UK.


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  1. I finally watched it.. I liked it.. I can’t wait til Dead Tone the re-cut of it comes out on September 8th!

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