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James Wan talks Saw IV!I’ve been trying pretty hard to avoid any and all info abut Saw IV until it’s coming directly from the source (i.e., Lionsgate), but this bit of sequel chat I just couldn’t pass up.

James Wan, director and writer of the first film as well as Dead Silence (due out March 23rd) chatted with IGN about Saw IV, which he apparently has more involment in than originally suspected.

“We have someone in mind [to direct],” he told the site. “And we’re working on the script right now. That’s pretty much where things are at. Saw IV is a tricky one for me to talk about because everyone wants to know about it, but it’s just at such an early stage.”

Early stage? Really? The film is due out in theaters this October, just like the last three films were, you’d think they’d be further along with things than that. Such is the magic of Hollywood, though, especially when you’re shooting what will equate to a low-budget film by anyone but Lionsgate’s standards.

Since Saw III (DVD review) had such a definitive ending, when and where does the 4th film take place? “That’s kind of a weird one to answer only because pretty much all of the Saw films take place in so many different timelines,” Wan continued. “Sometimes the film touches here, but then it goes all the way forward but then it goes all the way backward again. It does touch on so many different time frames. Is [Saw IV] a prequel or sequel? It’s kind of all intermixed. We jump everywhere, and Saw III did setup a lot of elements where Saw IV may end up going.”

Interesting, no? I just hope Lionsgate isn’t shooting themselves in the foot by not letting the franchise die a natural death, keeping it going for the dreaded 4th film, a number that usually never bodes well for a series. Keep it here for more on Saw IV as it comes down the wire!

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