Sean Bean Has the Black Death

Sean Bean’s a cool mofo, isn’t he? Even while wandering around in the world’s most useless subplot (right Silent Hill?), I find myself struggling to suppress the hetero man-crush that’s been in bloom since the first time I saw GoldenEye.

Next up, Bean will appear in Severance director Christopher Smith’s latest genre offering, Black Death. Sean’s official site Bean-Land drudged up lots of groovy behind-the-scenes pics for the medieval epic about a group of Crusaders who embark on a quest to assassinate a necromancer during the outbreak of bubonic plague in England.

Black Death will be released theatrically in the U.K. by Revolver, but because there’s no MTV star power attached, we Stateside chaps will only get a DVD release courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Sean Bean Has the Black Death


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  • Sable899 is NOT an Official Sean Bean fansite. He has no official sites, only unofficial ones. Some of the other sites actually have more pics of him, in costume even, than the German site. Just Google “Sean Bean” to find his other fansites. Plus, Black Death, as of now, is not likely to get anything other than a DVD release in the US since the morons in Hollywood don’t consider it mainstream due to the lack of any MTV-marquee actors. They just don’t care if people can really act or not, just who’s the latest hot young thing that will sell tickets to the kiddies with too much of mummy and daddy’s money on hand.

  • Kane86

    He looks like Triple H

    If they make a bio pic about Triple H the better use this guy. So god help me I will punch the first baby I see.