E3: More Info on the Saw Video Game

Saw The Video GameBummed you couldn’t make it to this year’s E3 event? Cheer up! What with all the Tweeting and Live Blogging taking place by those who could, it’s almost just like being there.

Case in point: IGN‘s play-by-play of Konami’s announcements regarding the Saw video game. Instead of rewording it, we thought we’d just post the info verbatim below:

(3:50:23 PM): Hey now! Jigsaw from Saw is on-stage. Well, the actor, that is. I dunno if he is doing this on purpose, but he is really laying down the serious creep with a growly voiced explanation of his involvement with the game.

(3:51:40 PM): According to Tobin Bell, he believes the video game captures the “texture” of the movies. What textures would that be? Ripped flesh? Scattered sinew? Clotting blood?

(3:57:22 PM): Jon Willamson, the producer of the game, is now on stage to talk about Saw the game. We’re going to see some of the traps from the game, such as the reverse bear trap, which rips a head clean apart. You must look for clues in the environment for info that will lead to survival. Some clues are out in the open. Others are cleverly hidden, such as multiple bloodstains that form an image when viewed from the right angle.

(3:58:40 PM): Jigsaw’s apprentices are helping him out with leading trapped players into misery. They are noted by their severed pig head masks.

(3:59:05 PM): The game looks dark, grim, and exceedingly bloody. By design, of course.

For more info, visit Konami’s Saw: The Video Game website here.

Debi Moore

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  • sawlover

    this game looks amazing cant wait to get my hands on this to play i seen some trailers and images just looks super