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The Haunting in ConnecticutWith the success of Lionsgates’ “>The Haunting in Connecticut at the box office, those associated with the project are all looking toward some new haunting tales to tell that may end up as a trilogy and more!

Two bits of news tonight from two different outlets. First up – Bloody-Disgusting reports that a sequel is currently in development called The Haunting in New York, which is based upon true events that were once detailed in the Discovery Channel series “A Haunting” as episode two in its second season called “The Diabolical”. Dig on the synopsis below.

“Marie’s daughter suffers from a mental condition that keeps her from speaking. During the three years they’ve lived in their home, Marie has witnessed her communicating with someone she could not see. Marie was unworried, having decided it was positive angels. But upon his first visit, Marie’s boyfriend, Chris, feels a dark presence in the house. Using a Ouija board, the two unintentionally open up the home to a diabolical that is using Julie as a portal. A team of paranormal investigators soon decide the case is more serious than they can handle and arrange with the Church for an exorcism.”

If that movie performs well, too, Gold Circle Films may even grant us The Haunting in Georgia, which is also based on true events. Synopsis below.

A Haunting in Georgia is the chilling story of four-year-old Heidi and her imaginary friends Mr. Gordy and Con. As Heidi reveals mysterious details about the two, her parents become concerned … could her playmates be more than make-believe? When the rest of the family begins experiencing terrifying phenomena — waking with deep gashes on their bodies–it seems there’s little they can do to stop the escalating nightmare.

If that isn’t enough, the Mercury News is reporting that Connecticut producer Andrew Trapani is dead set on creating a film based on San Jose’s famed Winchester Mystery House.

“I must have toured the house a dozen times. The question isn’t what is fascinating about the Winchester but what’s not fascinating about it? As a kid, it was a big scary place that terrified me. As an adult, it’s something I want to research and investigate,” Trapani tells Mercury News.

The film would take place in modern times and no director or stars have been attached. Look for more on these projects soon, and check out The Haunting in Connecticut when it hits DVD and Blu-ray on July 14th!

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Lunablix

    The Haunting In Georgia I actually have the Unsolved Mysteries episode of the story they are basing it off of. It’s a good story. I will have to find out what the NY one is about though. But they sound good to me especially since I liked the CT one.

  • vorodex999

    I didnt think Haunting in Conneticut was that bad, could have been better but it wasnt bad. I wouldnt mind seeing another haunting film just make it scarier

  • Floydian Trip

    I am looking forward to seeing this movie. If they want to make A Haunting In Barrington, Illinois they can talk to me as my family had a run in with a Poltergeist.