7 Forgotten Flicks of the 2000’s

The first decade of the 2000’s was an interesting time for horror. We saw the rise of torture porn, vampires, zombies, found footage, and most importantly, the end of ironic and snarky teen-driven horror such as Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Movies like Saw, Hostel, and Paranormal Activity reigned at the box office, while others possibly remembered by horror fans have seemingly been lost to time. Here are 8 of these forgotten flicks.


7. The Forsaken, 2001
A cross-country roadtripper meets a hitchhiking vampire hunter, an infected stereotypical blonde, and wackiness ensues. Starring horror and “Dawson’s Creek” veteran Kerr Smith (Final Destination, My Bloody Valentine – It’s gettin’ so early-2000s up in here!), The Forsaken is not a memorable movie by any means; yet, it deserves a mention due to its cool desert night shots and for being a vampire movie before we wanted to stake Edward and Bella.

6. Slither, 2006
The Horror-Comedy of Your Dreams would be a better title for Slither. If you’ve never seen Slither, stop everything you’re doing and watch nerd royalty Nathan Fillion fight alien slugs with Michael Rooker and Elizabeth Banks. This James Gunn-directed future cult classic is the perfect disgusting combo of body snatchers meet small-town zombie virus. Coming up on a ten-year anniversary in 2016, here’s hoping for a Blu-Ray Special Edition covered in slime.

5. The Others, 2001
This supernatural thriller is possibly the culprit behind the twist ending trend, and what a twist this one has! Nicole Kidman stars with some creepy pale kids who can’t get into the sunlight in World War II England (not that there’s much sun to begin with in that part of the world). Throw in some fog, pervasive weirdness, and a paranoid mother; and you’ve got the ultimate shock-ending ghost movie before ghost movies were cool.

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