Carrasco Rider: Howard the Duck Meets Kamen Rider?

Carrasco RiderThis is not horror related – or is it? Do tuxedo-wearing mutants with eggs for heads frighten you? If so, this trailer may traumatize you. Not to worry, Carrasco Rider and his mini masked duck badassery will save us all. This can only mean more certifiably insane wackiness from Japan that must be seen to be believed.

Japan is such a wonderful country.

Iron Chef
Golden Bat
The Yakuza
Cucumber flavored Pepsi
Ice cream made from horse meat
Sadistic televised game shows
Tentacle rape fetishes
Telephone clubs
Public transportation perverts
Vending machines that sell used girls’ panties

I really must visit that country one day.

News of the latest bit of Japanese daffyness comes to us via the website 24FramesPerSecond: Carrasco Rider (official site here). Coming next month to theaters in Japan, this new film from the director of Slit-Mouthed Woman 2 is about… Well, nobody on this side of the Pacific really seems to know for sure what the plot is. It’s clearly a take on the popular “Kamen Rider” series, only this version boasts a baseball team mascot turned superhero that looks like Howard the Duck in a baseball jersey and a Rey Mysterio, Jr. lucha mask battling tuxedo-clad villains with actual eggs for heads. It also involves motorbikes and chainsaws.

Just watch the trailer. It’s under a minute long and you won’t regret it.

The Foywonder

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  • CMax

    Why is the guy on the art wearing what looks like a Rey Mysterio mask?